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First Week of February

Winter Break is behind us (along with 5 months of the school year).  February brings more snow, candy hearts and a ground hog searching for signs of spring!  No matter what the ground hog predicts, we simply hope for the kind of weather that permits outside recess breaks so the children can move and play — well deserved brain breaks from the classroom.

Our final school holiday related party of the year in VALENTINE’s DAY.  Teachers are working to developed a schedule that allows for ample parking, appropriate number of visitor’s in the hallway and an opportunity for parents to volunteer and help with the party activities.

We will continue with a check-in at the front of the building (in the lobby), supervised by para-professionals.    Parents will sign in and wear a nametag before going to the classrooms.  We ask that parents who attend be available to volunteer at the parties.  Please do not bring young children with you.  Parents attending must have a completed BACKGROUND CHECK on file with the school.  If you have not had this done, please follow this link,  complete the form and send this to the school office.

If you have questions about the type of support teachers need for their parties, contact the teacher via email.   Finally, to help with parking and traffic in the hallway, do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the party and leave within 15 minutes of the end of the party.

Remember to turn in your BOX TOPS by Friday.  Friday is also POPCORN DAY – A very big deal in our school.  MANY THANKS to the parents who volunteer once a month to pop, bag and deliver the popcorn.  This event (like all the events in our school) is possible because of the time that parents donate.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!



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