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Week 8: October 23-29, 2015

This is a four day week of school.   Our teachers will be working on Friday to compile assessment results and mark report cards.  They will also be organizing work samples to share with you at Parent Teacher Conferences on November 2-4.

Our Halloween Parties are staggered across two days — and held at varying times.  This is done to create more parking space for parents and to keep the number of visitors in our hallways and classrooms at a safe level.  If you are attending the party, make sure you have completed your background check (see link above under forms/procedures).  You make arrive 15 minutes prior to the party — and we ask that you leave as soon as the party is completed.  A staff member will be at the front door checking parents into school during the party events.

Don’t miss out on all the events for November and December, highlighted in our Friday BLOG BITS.  Looking forward to the fun days ahead!

Mrs. Reagan


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