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Week 12: November 13-17, 2017

Thank you to all parents who attended and participated in teacher conferences last week.  This is a critical scheduled time for our to have 15 minutes to sit down with each parent to discuss your child’s strengths and areas to grow.  We spend several hours per day with your children and our goal is to help you better understand how your child is performing social, emotionally and academically alongside their peers at each grade.  We thank you for your support!

This past week, our students learned about Veteran’s Day and wrote letters to veteran’s.  These letters are distributed  at various Veteran’s Hospitals.  Many thanks to Kristen Floriana for helping to coordinate this important event.


Our school heating system is in need of booster units to move the heat through the building.  These are on order … arrival date TBD.  You may have heard that some of our classrooms are chilly.  All staff will be dressing warmly next week (layers).  Feel free to send in a sweater/sweatshirt for your child — however, make sure your put your child’s last name on the label.

And…remember…BE NICE and BE SAFE in the parking lot if you drive your child to school (drive slowly, park in parking spaces and stay out of the bus loop at all times).  Check out the snapshot of events in the week ahead.

Mrs. Reagan

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