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Box Tops Winners!!!

The school earned $409.90 in the November competition!! Thank you to all of you who turned them in!! This money goes to the Parent Club to support various activities.

3rd place goes to Mrs. Kuieck’s class with 475 box tops

2nd place goes to Ms. VanArkels’s class with 548 box tops

1st place……… goes to Mrs. Stutz’s class with 589 box tops!!!!!!

It was a close race! Mrs. Stutz is working with Mrs. Simpson on a prize!! Just as a reminder for the future, there were A LOT of box tops turned in that had no teacher name on them. Please remember to label them so your child’s class can get the credit. Also thank you to Mr. Rob who generously brought in 200 box tops to go to our school!!

Keep on cutting them out and sending them in!! We keep a tally as they are turned in and will have another competition later in the year!!! You can use this paper to tape them to also!! Box Top paper

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