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Week 17: Dec 18-22, 2017

It’s our final week before vacation!  Below you will see no special events listed that are school wide.  Check your child’s blog for class events and curriculum related due dates/quizzes, etc.  This week we will hold class holiday parties.  Some grades are holding these on their own — teacher run fun.  Others have posted their time/date on their blogs.

Important note about party attendance:  We ask that only parents hosting the party attend — and please keep non-school age children home.  If you are not part of the planning team for the party, stay home or at work.  Share this with the grandparents if they were planning to attend.  Explain that this is not the party to attend at school.  WHY?   Snow means VERY LIMITED parking.  Winter means icy sidewalks and parking lot, even when salted.  Again…party attendance only for parents hosting party.

Reminder about front parking lot parent behaviors:

  1. Do not park in loop after 8:30 am.  This needs to be open for parents who are dropping children off for school.
  2. Have your children exit curb side.

I have had parents ask that I staff the front parking lot to help parents behave.  I do not have the funds to do this — all supervision is on the playgrounds to help the children be safe.

And, finally, thank you for your support of our music program this past Thursday evening.  The students and Mrs. Bretz were amazing!  Many, many thanks to Amanda Impens who has created the school photo movie that runs on the monitor before, during and after the program.  Amanda has done this for 8 years.  Her youngest graduates from Georgetown this year.  We’ll be looking for someone to take her spot next year.  If you are interested in helping Mrs. Bretz with this important and fun “do at home” project, email her at

Wishing you a wonderful two week vacation with your family and friends!

See you in 2018~

Mrs. Reagan

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