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Week 22: Winter Break • Feb 7-9, 2018

It’s our WINTER BREAK week — which means Monday and Tuesday off to enjoy the winter wonderland and to stay away from GERMS.    Our hope is that the extra two days provides some necessary recovery time for our staff and students who were less than 100% last week.    This includes me who finally decided to get treated for a nasty sinus infection.  The extra days leave me no option but to rest and recover.

We come back from break to a JET’s PIZZA NIGHT!  Please order on Thursday — and give your child’s teacher name so their class can earn a pizza party and our school can make some money to build our PTC budget.  We use the money earned to pay for class field trips, buy books and much more.

Also, Friday is a favorite day: POPCORN DAY.  A shout out to all the parents who make the popcorn and deliver the bags to all 600+ students and staff.

Finally, before I close, make sure you check out the photo collage above highlighting the annual 5th Graders VS Staff Pillow Polo Game.  This was held on Friday at 9:00 am in the gym.  The top five 5th grade teams played against the staff in 10 three minute games.  The top scoring team:  STAFF!  We beat the fifth graders 4 to 0.   We managed to win by recruiting two athletic student teachers (Ms. VanNoord and Ms. Cusack), two competitive para-pros (Mrs. Talsma and Mrs. Hatfield), Ms. Lauren from Eagle’s Nest,  and three new fifth grade teachers (Mr. Cooley, Mrs. Chmura and Mrs. Walenta).  The veterans of the team (Mrs. Bretz, Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Neinhuis, Mrs. VanKoevering, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. Totten, Mrs. R) were appreciative of the additions to the team!

FYI…I heard on the bus loop that I was voted the most annoying player.   While playing, I felt my duty was to check the other team for fevers — and may have accidentally stepped on shoes, sticks and hockey balls in the process.

Wishing you all a healthy and fun Winter Break!  See you on Wednesday, February 7!

Mrs. Reagan

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