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Tomorrow is Friday and looks like it will be our first day of snow!   I can already feel the excitement coming off the busses, onto the playgrounds and through the doors.

Just a few reminders:

  1.  The kids go outside at every recess.   We only keep them inside if the wind chill is below zero.
  2. WINTER CLOTHING is a must.  Boots, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants. Write your last name on the snow pants’ tag — or get a white permanent marker and write it on the inside lining.  Use that same marker on the boots and jacket linings.
  3. Be prepared to hang up the winter clothing to air out and dry each night.

And, finally…get ready to hear about the new recess celebrations and concerns.  The SNOW is so much fun on the playground.  And, like most schools we have rules (I know… way to ruin the fun, right?!)  The rules are basic:

  1.  NO SNOW BALLS.  WHY?  Because we have had our fair share of eye injuries, head injuries, bruising etc. when these snow balls hit people in the face.  I always tell kids that if their parents let them have snow ball fights at home, do it at home.  But we can’t do it at school.
  2. NO ICE SLIDING.  WHY?  We have kids break their wrist or arm sliding on ice.  We have also had kids fall and get a concussions.
  3. FORTS…build at your own risk.  Our playgrounds are shared by nearly 600 kids. If you build a fort during one recess, another group might come out the next recess and change your fort — put on an addition or take off the front porch or destroy it for a new subdivision. So…build away…but know it might be changed.

I am sure you’ll hear about these celebrations and concerns. Our priority will be to have the kids dress appropriately for the snow,  have fun in the snow and be safe in the snow.

So….on that note, I am going to go hunt for my own winter clothing!

Mrs. Reagan



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