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PTC Mtg Canceled 3/21/19

Due to the illnesses going around, we are going to cancel our PTC meeting on Thursday, 3/21/19.  

This will be re-scheduled after spring break.  New date will be posted on the blog.

Please be aware that we have the following viruses being shared:

  • Influenza A:  5-10 day respiratory virus (cough, fever, aches)
  • Fever virus:  24-28 hours (headache, stomach complaints, fever)
  • Cold/Pink Eye:  Common cold + eye virus commonly referred to as Pink Eye
  • Norovirus:  Comes on quickly – vomiting, diarrhea.

Children with fevers, vomiting, diarrhea must stay home until they are free of this symptoms for 24 hours.  WHY?  To prevent these viruses from spreading to other people at school.

Thank you for your help!

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Technology and Online Advice for Parenting

More and more we are hearing that students are being unkind to one another after school hours via various online chatting or social media platforms.

When a student tells a teacher that someone in the class or school is making unkind comments, our first question is:  Have you told you parents?  If not, we tell them to do this as soon as they get home — and we also contact the parent to let them know they need to check in with their child.

We want parents to be aware because kids make mistakes using social media, however harmful, hurtful words about another person or sharing inappropriate images is a red flag.  

When a student at school misuses a school device (sharing inappropriate images or sending unkind messages, etc.), it is a violation of the acceptable use policy.   Every student and parent signs this at enrollment.  If this is violate, we have the right to deny the student access to the device.

I would encourage you to develop an acceptable use policy for your own family.   If your child bullies another person or uses the device in an inappropriate way, we hope you require them to delete the message and make an apology — and a consequence you outline as a family in your “family use policy.”

Here is the link to an excellent article about parenting tips for kids and social media.

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Is this IN, OUT, BOTH?

This spring, we are teaching our students (K-5) the difference between TATTLING and TELLING.

We are using a simple question, “Is it IN, OUT or BOTH?”   This question is designed to help students determine if they are tattling or telling.  We want to be told the telling…. NOT THE TATTLING.

Spring brings renewed skills in tattling … which in turn creates a great deal of drama on the playground.  We also want to encourage all of students to TELL if they see something happening that is not safe.

See the image below for background on the differences between the two.

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Week 27: March 18-22, 2019

We had a very VERY successful parent teacher conference week with 96% of our parents participating in a dialogue about their child’s social/emotional and academic learning.  Your perspective and input about your child’s growth is critical to helping us support your child.

We’d also like to celebrate student participation in the PE KIDS HEART CHALLENGE.   As a school, we moved to online registration/payment.  The purpose:  Eliminate hundreds of dollars sent to school.   Security of funds is my priority!  We were thrilled with the results:  $11,384 — breaking our all time record by $2000+.   Thank you for supporting this service project — and our transition to online payment.

Another high participation event:  BAM BOYS DAY OUT.  A shout out to the PTC team for organizing and hosting this event!

On a final note, we completed our final LOCKDOWN DRILL this week.  We had 60 + parent volunteers/visitors in the building at the time of the drill — which allowed them to experience how we run the drills and what the students/teachers do to get into a safe space.

As we look ahead to next week, the weather forecast makes my heart happy:  8 days of dry weather conditions.     This means outside recess — and sunshine!

Have a wonderful weekend…and here’s to next week!

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Georgetown Girls Dance!

Mark you calendars for the Georgetown Girls Dance!

April 13 from 6:30 – 9:00

Forms went home already, but you can also print it out using this link. ClickYourHeels-1eaei17

Forms are due no later than next week Friday, March 22

The cost is $25 per couple and $5 for each additional girl. You can make a check payable Georgetown PTC and return it with your completed form.

If you have any questions, please email Audrey Straub at

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Photo above:  Lydia, Oliver, Kenzie, Brody, Georgie, Kaylee, Colin and Abbie Note: Lydia, Oliver and Abbie are the TARGET CREATORS!

Every year, students have to learn how to write persuasive letters.

It’s really hard to write persuasive letters…and it takes LOTS of practice.

Keep writing…because sometimes the letter works…and someone is persuaded to help solve your problem.  Watch this video to learn how a first grader got snowball targets for our playgrounds.

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Week 27: March 11-15, 2019

I’ve spent the past week working on my wording for DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time for this blog post — all with the goal of helping me to remember that we move the clocks ahead ONE HOUR!

My goal being to make up for the error in last weeks blog post when my unconscious bias is to always gain an hour of sleep as opposed to losing an hour of sleep.

This week we also SPRING into Parent Teacher Conferences (Mon and Wed evenings) and the Book Fair.  Teachers are very busy this weekend preparing report cards and conference notes.

Wherever you are this weekend, I hope you enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine while we have it!

Mrs. Reagan

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Congratulations, Mrs. Totten – STEAM STUDIO

Mrs. Totten, our incredible STEAM STUDIO teacher, has been selected as one of the Air Zoo’s Science Innovation Hall of Fame Educator Excellence Awardees!

Mrs. Totten excels as a teacher who implements curriculum that grows passionate learners.  Students in her classroom utilize Project Lead the Way materials  — and their K-5 participation grows each student into an innovative, creative designer and problem solver.

We feel honored to work with Mrs. Totten every day — and as a staff, we are thrilled that she is being recognized!

If you would like a sneak peak into the Mrs. Totten’s classroom, check out her STEAM STUDIO BLOG.

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Blog Bits 3/8/2019

Blog Bits 3/8/2019

News From the Office…

Parent Teacher conferences and book fair will be taking place next week. Be sure to check out the book fair out when you come to meet with your child’s teacher!!  It will be open late on March 11 and 13 during conferences! We hit the month of March!! That means we are getting so close to Spring Break already!  3 more weeks! Time flies when we are having fun! Our first day off for Spring Break is March 29 and will go through April 7.

Next Early Release…

Our next early release is on Apr 12. We will be dismissing at 12:15 on Apr 12. If your child is a car rider, please be at school between 12:10 and 12:15 for pick up.  Food Service will be offering a sack lunch on early release days. Children can order a lunch with their teacher in the morning and will have them to take to their destination.  The cost will be $2.25.  Free and reduced benefits will also apply.

M STEP Testing Dates…

Please try your best to avoid scheduling appointments during these times!

Grade 5 – April 16 – 25

Grade 4 – May 7 – 16

Grade 3 – April 30 – May 2

PTC News…

March 9 – Boy’s Event @ BAM in Holland from 1:00 – 4:00. Sign ups are complete.

March 11 – 15 – Book Fair

March 21 – PTC Meeting, 6:30 in the library at school! Open for anyone to get information about the fun things going on at Georgetown. We would love to see you there!

March 22 – Popcorn Friday

April 11 – Jet’s Pizza Night

April 13 – Spring Dance for Georgetown Ladies, sign ups coming soon!!

5th Grade News…

Here are some upcoming dates for the students visiting and getting info about middle school events:

You can go to any of the following Music Information Nights: You will learn more about the different music options available, be able to try different instruments out, receive suggestions on which instrument is a “fit”, and receive information about instrument rental options.

March 12 – Music Information Night at Riley Middle School gym 5:30-9:00

March 13 – Music Information Night at the High School Main Campus Media Center 5:30-9:00

March 14 – Music Information Night at Baldwin Middle School gym 5:30-9:00

April 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 – M-STEP testing dates for fifth grade. Please avoid scheduling appointments during the school day on these dates if at all possible.

PE News…

We are working our way through Kids Heart Challenge with each class that comes to gym.  Our day is focused on jumping!  We have different ways for the kids to jump and different “tools/ropes” for them to try.  Jumping is great exercise for our hearts and the kids have learned that they need to eat healthy and exercise their hearts!  There is still time to register and give to the American Heart Association.  Just registering will help our school earn some PE equipment too! Go to: You have until Friday March 15!!

Thank you so much for supporting our school and the American Heart Association!

Mrs. Nienhuis & Mrs. VanKoevering

Vote May 7…

On May 7, Hudsonville School parents and community members will have the chance to vote on our annual Non-Homestead Millage renewal. This is an annual renewal request that voters have approved for the past 24 years and , if approved, would generate approximately $4.8 million dollars of operating revenue for our school district. Please note, this is not a tax on primary residences and is not a new tax.

Official ballot language is as follows:

This proposal will allow the school district to continue to levy the statutory rate of not to exceed 18 mills on all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law, required for the school district to receive its revenue per pupil foundation allowance.

Shall the limitation on the amount of taxes which may be assessed against all property, except principal residence and other property exempted by law, in Hudsonville Public Schools, Ottawa and Allegan Counties, Michigan, be increased by 18 mills ($18.00 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) for the year 2019, to provide funds for operating purposes: the estimate of the revenue the school district will collect if the millage is approved and levied in 2019 is approximately $4,850,000 (this is a renewal of millage that expired with the 2018 tax levy)?

Community News…


Saturday, April 20, 2019 @ 10am 

Hughes Park—40th Avenue, Hudsonville 

Kids up to 10 yrs old gather prize-filled eggs! 


Voluntary donations are accepted. All proceeds will go to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

•The Heritage Christian School Spring Children’s Clothing and Toy Sale will be held on Saturday, March 9 from 9am – 12:00. Items for sale include infant to teen clothing, outdoor/indoor toys, sports gear, books, games, shoes, sandals, baby equipment, maternity and more. Delicious baked goods are also for sale! We are now accepting cash, check and credit cards. Located in the large gym at Heritage Christian at 6340 Autumn Dr., Hudsonville. Hope to see you there!

 •The Hudsonville Athletic Boosters are presenting the GMB/ Eagle 5k ” Brian Carlson Memorial Run” on March 23, 2019 at 9am. The event will take place at Hudsonville High School with the route running through the city of Hudsonville. Each year, the Hudsonville Athletic Boosters seeks to supplement the athletics program with thousands of dollars through various fundraising activities, including the GMB Eagle 5K, whose proceeds will go to athletic scholarships. As an organization, we give ten $1000 scholarships a year to outstanding student-athletes who are pursuing a college education… Be sure to sign up on line at or  visit our website for more information and registration. Online registration only. Packet pickup and late registration will be at Harvest Health March 22 from 4-6pm and Race day morning from 7am to 8:50am. Be sure to check out and LIKE our Facebook page (GMB Eagle 5k race) also for all updates.  All runners will receive lots of post-race refreshments.

Community Ed…

 You can click here to go to the community education page on the Hudsonville Public School website. There are many activities for your kids to look into!

UpComing Events


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Our SNOW DAY WINNERS for March 5 will receive $10 GIFTCARDS to our SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!

They will be able to use these gift cards next week to pick out $10 worth of books when they attend the BOOK FAIR with their classes.

BOOK FAIR March 11-15.  Evening Book Fair hours on March 11 (5-8) and March 13 (5-8).

The winners for: Henry Schut, Ellery Tindall, Makenzie White, Everett Duwe, Chloe Purwin, Maria Hindeleh.


I hope our FINAL snow day winners for 2018-19!


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