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Walk-A-Thon WINNERS!

The weather DID NOT dampen our walk-a-thon spirits!  Nearly all of our classes have found a way to work in their walking time during the rare periods it was not rainy and windy last week.  For those classes that have not yet done so, they will be finding time to walk as soon as the weather improves.


Every single penny that was donated to our fundraiser will be used to help fund events for students and families.  In addition, the money will go toward supporting learning through books for the library, field trip expenses, and technology equipment purchases for the classrooms.

This year, we had several incentives for students to help them raise money.  All winners were announced at the endof the school.

Winners of Board Games:

  • Braeden Gilchrist
  • Riley VanSprange
  • Ellie Norder
  • Samantha Fuglseth
  • Drew Martinie
  • Aliya Schuur
  • Riley Fellows

Lost City Winner:

  • Seth Doornbos

Holiday Inn Express

  • Joshua Benz

Great Wolf Lodge

  • Megan Good

Winners of lunch with principal and a Target Gift Card:

  • Aliya Schuur
  • Kiara Sullivan
  • Happy Bainbridge
  • Megan Good

Top Five Money Earners receive a Summer Pool Party at the Principal’s House AND lunch with principal and a Target Gift Card:

  • Madison Gryzen
  • Sheyla Plummer
  • Paige Pell
  • Tom Stutz
  • Brooklyn Dykstra

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Georgetown Parents of students AGES 11-15:

Please read the attached form in regards to a babysitting class that is being offered through Community Ed.  It is for boys/girls ages 11-15.  It will be held on Friday, October 23.  (This is a scheduled day off for students.)  If you have any questions please contact Community Ed at 669-1740, ext 3.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )

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The Georgetown PULL

Hope vs calvin teachersIf you have been following our blog (or if you have a slightly competitive child) you are aware that we culminated our recess game training with a community building activity called THE PULL.   Because we have a student teacher from Calvin College and another from Hope College, we decided to pit the two against each other to decide who could win the GEORGETOWN PULL.

We had a series of three pulls, the first being HOPE STAFF vs CALVIN STAFF.   Calvin gave it their very best shot, but Hope succeeded in pulling the hardest and strongest in this first competition.  The second pull was a mix of HOPE and CALVIN staff members on each side — a chance to show that we do work together no matter which college we attend—and the teams were fairly evenly matched.

pull shot

Finally, we had Mrs. Kuieck’s CALVIN KNIGHTS pull against the Hope Staff, and if I could call the winners, I would say Mrs. Kuieck’s class came in first for effort, determination and overall team spirit!

Many thanks to all the staff who participated and to all the kids who wore team colors of one kind or another.  It was a beautiful day and a fun way to bring the entire school together for some fun.

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A Tattoo’ed Mrs. Reagan?

One way to get noticed as a principal is to get a tattoo!   As shown in the photo below, I now have a beautiful henna tattoo that runs from my upper right arm down to my the end of my index finger.  The tattoo looks very elegant and lace like in design.  The other elegant arm in this photo belongs to my daughter, Kelsey.


We attended a wedding shower for a friend of ours who is engaged to a man from Sudan, a country in Northeastern Africa.  His mother hosted a traditional Sudanese shower in which the women receive elegant henna designs. The henna is thought to bring luck, joy and beauty to the bride.  The artist, a beautiful, wise woman from Sudan effortlessly painted magnificent free-hand patterns for each woman at the shower.

The unfortunate part of the henna design is that it fades over time.  Within three weeks it will be gone — yet we have gained a new understanding and appreciation for the cultural traditions of another country in our world.  It was an amazing experience be  a part of this time honored tradition.

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Recess Games: A Great Success!

Recess GamesOver the past two weeks, we have taught all PK-5th grade students a series of games that can be played during recess periods either outside or inside–depending on the weather.  The goal of these games is to provide many opportunities for healthy sharing, interaction and PLAY.

Some children do not want to play traditional games such as football, soccer, hopscotch and jump rope.  Yet, they want to interact with others and don’t know how. These games are designed to give children common games to play that can be with one, two or several other friends.

At the conclusion of each day of “gaming”, the children were asked to share words or phrases that represented recess at Georgetown.  These words were combined into a WORDLE poster (above) by Mrs. Jurewicz.   It is her team (members shown below in the group photo) that organized these events.  They truly made these “recess learning days” possible for all of us.

Recess TeamCurt Kooiker, Mike Gort, Jamie Kooiker, Rachel Stadt, Ann McDonald, Chris Bowen, Amy Jurewicz

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Walk-A-Thon to Game/Read-a-thon!

Due to the weather forecast, we are planning ahead for the walk-a-thon tomorrow.  Rather than walk in high winds, rain and cold temperatures, we will hold this event indoors.  Teachers will be able to play indoor recess games and read with students during their 45 minute time period.

Many, many thanks for your donations this year.  We are well aware that these are tough economic times for many and we appreciate all the money you have donated to this event.

The walk-a-thon team is busy counting the money and winners for each category will be announced next week.

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Ashley’s Pink Panther Team

The Race for the Cure was held this past Saturday at Rivertown Crossing Mall in Grandville.  As you know, Ashley Tiesman, a 5th grader in our building, organized a school team to walk/run together.  She met her fundraising goal and participated in a  HUGE event that brought over 7,000 people to the Komen Race for the Cure event!

At the close of the event, Ashley spoke—and was incredibly composed and eloquent for an eleven year old team captain!  Thank you to everyone who donated, walked, ran and supported us in some way on Saturday.  You will see from the photos that teachers, parents, family members…and the Hudsonville Cheer team were out in force to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Ashley’s Pink Panthers

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Good afternoon Georgetown parents!

Our wonderful Georgetown Fire Department is starting a campaign for area children.  They are looking for winter coat donations for area families in need.  Please read the following flyer for more information. There are a few different “Drop off” sites and a special “Kick 0ff” event planned for Thursday, October 8.  For questions please contact Brett Wright at 616-706-4020 or Corrie Glupker at 616-862-4001.

GTFD Fire Coats Flyera

Have a good day!  Mrs. Nurenberg  CoolClips_vc006939

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PK/K Monday Walk-a-thon CANCELED

Due to the high wind warnings and prediction for rain throughout the day, our PK/K walk-a-thon is canceled.  The PK/K and 5th grade teachers are working on some creative ideas for how to do something special with the children today.  Most importantly, we want parents to be aware that we will not have your children walking in this weather!  We will stay warm and dry inside.

Mrs. Reagan

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The Week Ahead: 9/28/09

Our week ahead opens with the Walk-a-thon…our main fundraiser for PTC for this school year.    Please make sure that your child dresses appropriately for this event.

  • If you have not sent your money in for this event, please do so as soon as possible.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST and it is critical that they dress warmly if the temperatures drop on Monday and Tuesday.
  • It would also be helpful to have a water bottle, marked with their name.  The children will be walking for approximately 45 minutes.

A copy of our week’s events (including special days) is posted below.  Here’s to our final days of September and our first days of October.


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