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Welcome Back…Chalk Style!

The staff of Georgetown spent the past week immersed in curriculum meetings. These meetings help us to improve our teaching instruction and provide time to share best practice strategies with teachers from around the district.

We heartwere also busy welcoming you back with chalk drawings and fun photos from around the school.

These have been mixed into a special slide show to welcome you back to the 2009-10 school year. It will be the best yet because we are BETTER when we are TOGETHER!

And…a special note of thanks to Mr. Rob, our head custodian, and his TOP NOTCH OUT OF THIS WORLD custodial staff.  They have spent the entire summer cleaning, painting, and polishing every single inch of our building…and it looks fabulous.  If you see Mr. Rob, Lani, Ashley or Whitney in the hallway or on the grounds, please give them a shout out of thanks for their hard work.   They truly make our building shine!

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Georgetown Recycles Batteries

In our effort to be GREEN, we are now offering battery recycling at Georgetown.  Mr. Rob, our head custodian, is responsible for setting this up for our school community.  He has placed a battery recycling container in the entrance of the building.

battery recyclingWe accept all batteries EXCEPT CAR BATTERIES.

We will continue to offer paper recycling with the Paper Gator, located in the front parking lot.  As a school community, our fifth grade students assist in the recycling of our paper each week.   We are excited to add battery recycling to our mission of being a GREEN SCHOOL.

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Please Join the Pink Panthers!

As many of you will remember we held a “PINK DAY” last May as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. In one day we raised $1100 which we donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. We had 3 board members visit our school a couple weeks later and we presented PinkPanthersthem with the money that we raised. While they were at our school they invited us to be part of the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure which will be held September 26, 2009 at the Rivertown Crossing Mall in Grandville.

We have created a school team for this event and want to invite everyone to participate. The name of our school team is the Georgetown Pink Panthers. You can register at this location. Included with you entry fee is a race day T-shirt. I think it would be a great act on the part of Georgetown to set our goal as the largest single team participant. We have set a goal of raising $1,000 as a school team for the cure.

The deadline to sign up for our team is September 25. If you plan to be part of our team and race day please sign up early.

Thank you.

Ashley Tiesman – Team Captain, 5th Grade Student, Georgetown Elementary

Check out Ashley’s interview on WZZM-TV Take Five:

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Georgetown Gives: School Supply Wish List

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

It is with this quote in mind that we are encouraging those who can give to help out those who are in need at Georgetown Elementary.  During this tough economic time in our nation we have all heard tales of those who have to get by on much less.  Getting by on less often means not being able to afford back to school supplies for many families.  If you can afford to give please feel free to check out the list of items we are in need of and send/bring in the items to school marked Georgetown Gives when we return to school.  Our goal is to provide every child in need the necessary back to school items to help them be a success at Georgetown Elementary.

“No Act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” -Aesop

Suggested list of supplies for donation:

  • composition books (black speckled cover bound, not spiral)
  • glue sticks
  • pencils
  • scissors
  • pencil box (8” x 5”)
  • pens (red and blue)
  • highlighter
  • Post-it notes (all sizes)
  • markers
  • colored pencils
  • backpacks (larger ones that can carry home snow clothes)
  • gift certificates to Meijers, Target, etc. OR store that sells gym (PE) shoes
  • GENTLY used backpacks and/or gym shoes

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Raey Guang Honored for International Communication

The Principal of Raey Guang Elementary wrote to share some exciting news.  Read on:

Dear Mrs. Reagan,

I would like to pass a good news to you! Our program of international networking with you has won the first place in Taiwan and I was invited to share the experiences in our ministry of education! Thanks to your help on much ideas-sharing and blog-constructing. This award belongs to you, too.

The new semester is running now. This semester, we are going to have new courses for students and teachers as well. For students, high-achievers and low-achievers of English will both be selected out and given special training. Furthermore, all students will have more courses about e-communication. We hope all children in our school can learn English well and have more communication with your students. All teachers are going to have extra English lesson, too. Learning is not just about the students, right?

Last, I hope children in both of our schools can be educated happily and have better global visions for their future.

Mrs. Chung Wen Yu

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Parent Club Board Members


gtwnelemlogoI would like share the names and contact information of our Parent Club Board Members for the upcoming school year (2009-10).  This team has been working since late May to plan events for the upcoming year.  They volunteer their time–and spend endless hours behind the the scenes planning events and many hours executing events so that they are JUST perfect for our students and families.

I cannot say enough about our school PTC organization and the board!


  • Kristi Fellows; 669-1051;
  • Jamie Ham; 662-7245;

Vice President

  • Cindy Roerig; 669-1285;


  • Krista Lawrence; 662-2097;
  • Brenda Zuverink; 662-2339;


  • Carrie Clark-Berry; 662-5058;
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Preparing for a Healthy School Year

handwashingIf you have been following the news since last spring, you are aware that a new virus has been mutating and spreading, world wide. This new virus, H1N1–also called the Swine Flu,  was first detected in people in the United States in April 2009. This virus is spreading from person-to-person in the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread.

As a district, we have been watching the reports predicting the spread of the H1N1 will increase as soon as school resumes.  Mr. Nick Ceglarek, our superintendent, has asked that we share two documents regarding this virus.

The first, H1N1 Parent Letter sept 09, is a letter for parents from our local Ottawa County Health Department.  I encourage you to read this so that you are informed about symptoms, treatment and precautions.

The second document, CDC H1N1 Tips, is similar but has more specific preventative strategies to share with family and friends.

If your child develops a cough or fever, PLEASE be on alert and keep your child home from school.  Children should not return to school until they are SYMPTOM FREE FOR 24 HOURS.  Your help with this protocol will help to prevent others from getting sick.

We will encourage handwashing just as we always do and focus on a healthy learning environment that is clean and safe.  Please know that we are also going to be calm and supportive,  working to not raise children’s anxieties about flu worries.

If you would like to know more about the CDC tips for all health issues, visit the live CDC link on the upper right corner of this blog.

Also, if you would like to help your own children learn how to wash their hands properly, listen to the CDC’s kid friendly podcast below.  Here’s to clean hands and good health!

kidtastics cdcCDC Kidtastic Podcast:

How To Wash Your Hands

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Message From Taiwan

Pingtung MapWe have received two emails from Raey Guang Elementary following the typhoon disaster of early August.

The principal, Chung Wen Yu, shared the following:

Thanks for your kind care about the typhoon in Taiwan. Places near sea and in mountains were severely destroyed after this typhoon. Our school is located in downtown area, and luckily nothing was really damaged. But, we all really concern the people who are suffering from this disaster. We’ve been trying to provide what we have to people there to help them. We also really appreciate your international rescue team; they worked really hard cleaning the mess and helping people rebuild their house and lives. Thank you again!

And, from Sarah:

Thank for your caring. It’s all fine in Pingtung urban center. The most terrible disaster is in the mountains. So far. there were much mud in some villages, and many soldiers, volunteers help clean the mud. However, there is anthoer potential crisis-infection disease, like H1N1. Anyway, hope everything and everybody are safe and well.

Please continue to keep the thousands of people who are homeless and dealing with the loss of loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

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Grade Level Brochures

Our district has one of the most talented and creative and efficient secretaries on this side of the equator.  Her name is Jan Mullennix.  She has been the secretary to the Ass’t Superintendent of Curriculum for many years–and without her, we would be lost!

Jan takes all the thinking that teams of teachers do and shapes it into wonderful curriculum tools that look smart and attractive.  She just completed full revisions of our grade level brochures.  These will be available at the open houses and you can also view them online.



1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

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Girl Scout Co-Leader Needed

Mrs. Walters, a third grade parent in our building, has been leading a Girl Scout Troop for the past two years.  She would like to continue this project and welcome more girls into the troop.  In order to do so, she would need a co-leader to join her.

If you are interested in being a co-leader, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Walters at:

She will be happy to answer any questions about time commitments and responsibilities.

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