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At-Home Reading

Our team of specialist teachers (Mrs. Bast, Reading; Mrs. Iwema, Reading, Mrs. Speidel, Speech/Language, Mrs. Sinke, Resource, and Mrs. Reifschneider, Resource), have set up a wonderful at-home reading program for your children to utilize.  The program, call Raz-Kids is an interactive reading program that allows children to pick books by their guided reading level.  

Once you login, you go to the BOOKROOM where your child can pick a book by guided reading level.  Books can be read to the child (listen) or the child can read the book and get help with tricky words–when these words are clicked on the word is read to them! At the end of each book, children can take a quiz to check their comprehension.  We are hopeful that this site helps to make at home reading more interesting and interactive.

If you are unsure of the reading level, please check with your child’s teacher.  This site is designed for all levels of readers–on grade, struggling and advanced.

Your child’s teacher will send you the user name and password via email.  You will be logging in as a teacher because we do not have individual student accounts at this time.  This will be done based on your feedback of the site.

Please provide feedback on this site by submitting comments to our blog.

Mrs. Reagan


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We made the Taiwan News!

Joan Jang, a student from Taiwan who attends Purdue University, shared through email that we had made the news in Taiwan!  Mrs. Yu Wen, the principal of our sister school, Raey Guang Elementary, was interviewed about our partnership.  The photo in both articles shows her holding our student artwork (a gift from Georgetown to Raey Guang) that was presented during her visit to our school in October 2008.

Both articles cite our blogs–the one you are viewing right now and our blogs set up for FAMILY BLOGGERS (matching families from each school to communicate with one another) and SCHOOLS THAT BLOG TOGETHER (blog communication between the students/teachers of both schools).  The articles (below), are in Chinese and English.  I wanted you to be able to see both versions–and appreciate the beauty of the written Mandarin language.  Please be aware that the English translation is close…but not exactly true to the elegance of the Chinese language.  The message of collaboration and appreciation of both countries and cultures is strong and clear in both languages.  Enjoy!  Mrs. Reagan

Taiwan Yahoo! News:Chinese

Taiwan Yahoo! News:  English 

Liberty Times:Chinese

Liberty Times: English

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Reading ROCKS!

It is hard to believe the first Reading Counts party is already over!  The students had fun at the various stations which included playing games, making their very own pet rock, watching a cool science experiment with paper mache volcanoes made by Staci Niebor, and having a healthy snack of trail mix. The parties in the afternoon truly enjoyed our special guest, Jonny Nelson, talk about interesting facts on mountain climbing.  At the end of the party, each student received rock candy as a special treat for all their hard work. Good job students of Georgetown Elementary for achieving your 100% Reading Counts goal! Video below…


The Reading Counts celebration certainly would not have been possible without help from all the wonderful parents, staff, and many others who took time out of their busy schedules to be volunteers.  Thank you to the volunteers for all your help to make this celebration a true success!

Mark your calendars! The next celebration will be Friday, March 13, 2009.  Kelly Keur and Kelly Barz has changed the bulletin board to the solar system!  Be sure to watch as the “stars” go across the board marking the 100% of each student’s goal.   Mrs. Roon, Reading Counts Chairperson

Many thanks to Mrs. Roon and all the volunteers…and Mrs. VandenBerg, From Mrs. Reagan

Invaluable Volunteers:  Kari King, Randy Hinken, Michelle Hinken, Julia Lyon, Erica Segard, Amy Gosset, Julie Peterson, Liz Fetkenhour, Cindy Tiesman, Mrs. Boersma, Michele DeWinter, Margaret Applebee, Janet Stark, Staci Niebor (who made 17 volcanoes), Mrs. Bouwens, Michelle Wierenga, Shellie Martinie, Angel Truman, Regina Smith, Lori Wilson, Kelly Keur (who made the mountain bulletin board), Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Lisa Mulder, Jamie Ham, Christine OConnell, Kelly Ford, Jacki Boeve, Pam Eggers, Kelly Barz, Jennifer Conkel, Tonya Byers, Julie Randolph, Jonny Nelson (our mountain climber)!

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Holiday Program…Final Thoughts!

Many thanks once again to all the people who made our 2009 Holiday Program so very successful.  The thank you list includes the music staff at Georgetown (Mrs. Bretz, Ms. Whitenight, Ms. McCulloch).  In addition, the teachers who supported the students through the long rehearsals, and the staff that worked the evening of the program to ensure that all students were supervised and calm.  Resurrection Life Church was a perfect venue for our school this year–providing ample parking, seating, and stage setting.  This enables us to hold one program with all students which is much more family friendly, as well.  

Our school has reached a student enrollment size (574 students) that dictates the venue we must utilize for our holiday program.  Some have asked why we did not rent Fellowship Reformed this year, and this was addressed in our May 2008, September 2008 and October 2008 newsletters.  In addition, Mrs. Bretz addressed this on her blog and in the Q&A posting in her news update.   Fellowship Reformed is a beautiful location and worked so well with our school this past two years with regards to running two programs and accommodating hundreds of parents and special guests.  However, the size of our crowd created hazards in the parking lot and in the basement classrooms–sheer volume of pick up and drop off.  The move to Resurrection Life was made to ensure a safe and successful holiday program that students, family and friends could enjoy.  If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.  Mrs. Reagan

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Mrs. DeWeerd: State Superintendent of the Year

Our superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd has been selected as the Superintendent of the Year for the State of Michigan!  This is an incredible honor for her and our district.  This was announced at the Board of Education Meeting this evening.  To learn more about the award, and it’s significance, visit the link to the Grand Rapids Press.  Congratulations, Mrs. DeWeerd…and thank you for your admirable leadership!

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