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Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of parents who would be willing to make very simple math games for some fun and focused math instruction this spring.  The work can be done at home and involves the cutting of cards and assembling these into ziplock baggies.

If you are interested, please contact Rachel Stadt, one of our first grade teachers.  Her email:  Her phone number:  797-9797 x22106

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Family Blog Leader!

Michele DeWinter,  a parent and paraprofessional in our building, has taken on the leadership task of matching coordinating our blog/penpal project.  Michele will match Georgetown families with Raey Guang (Pingtung, Taiwain) families and encourage communication between the two.

The communication will take place via email and traditional mail, with Michele also sharing updates on our Family Blogpal site.  I am very excited to have Michele take this project on for our school and Raey Guang.  I wil make sure that I link her updates with this blog (our main school blog site) as well as with the Blogpals site (our site for communication between teachers/students).

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Dan Hoover, Our Favorite Eagle Scout!

Dan Hoover is a student at Hudsonville High School.  He contacted me in the early winter inquiring about the possibility of completing a service project for our school.  This project would count toward his work toward becoming an Eagle Scout.  Dan and I discussed several options and landed on the need for student mailboxes.  Many of our teachers use cardboard shoe storage boxes–and these do not last more than two years. Dan measured the cardboard boxes and left with a plan to create sturdy wood mailboxes for two of our classrooms.

We were pleasantly surprised when Dan arrived at the beginning of this month with well crafted, sturdy and attractive mailboxes for two classrooms.  Mrs. Woodring and Ms. Burmeister were the lucky recipients!

Thank you so much, Dan–for your time, work and talents.  We wish you luck as an Eagle Scout!

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Do you like scavenger hunts?

I have a Valentine’s Day weekend challenge for you! The first blogger to find all the letters of the word “valentine” will win lunch out with me! To participate in this, you simply have to follow these rules:

1. Make a list of the letters:

* V
* A
* L
* E
* N
* T
* I
* N = Megan’s Blog
* E = John’s Blog

2. Go to each of the student blogs and hunt for the letters. (These are found on the Blogpals main site.)

3. When you find a letter, write the student blog name next to each letter. (See the examples I put above next to N and E. These are just examples!)

4. You must post a comment to the school blog.

5. The first person to find all the letters and make a comment, WINS!

AND…the letters do not need to match the letters above.

There are two e’s and two n’s. They must be from different student blogs!

Good Luck…Have Fun…and happy Valentine’s Day!

Mrs. Reagan

Please NOTE: Any of the students in our school can participate! Also, if you are a parent or visitor from another school, you can participate as well. I can’t give you lunch, but we can celebrate your talents on the blog!

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Photos from Raey Guang

Many thanks to Hung Yen Chen, a Raey Guang staff member, for persistantly trying to upload photos to our Blogpals site from Taiwan!  To view photos of the school activities, please visit the Blogpals site and look at the most recent post.  This is also a page, and can be found at the top with a tab title of Raey Guang Photos.

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Good Thursday Afternoon Georgetown Parents!

Nothing to spectacular coming from the office this week!!  Valentine’s parties went well!  Just a reminder that NEXT FRIDAY is POPCORN FRIDAY and PJ DAY!!!

Kindergarten Parents…. Please remember that next Friday, February 20, is a Tuesday/Thursday Friday.  This is due to having Friday, February 13 off.

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held March 2-4.  At this time they will having the Classroom Basket Raffles again this year.  These will be displayed in the hall by the library.

Mark your calendars…….The Mother/Son Night will be Friday, March 13 at Lost City! We will be sending home more infomation soon!

NO new Community Ed news this week.

The Hudsonville Athletic Boosters are bringing back the Tradition with the Eagle 10k in the city of Hudsonville. On Saturday March 28, the runs will take place at Hudsonville High School starting at 9:00am. For more information please go to or If you would like to volunteer to help out with this event please email at or call 893-5830.


16 Play to Learn
16 Marimbamania Assembly
17 Ciao Bella’s Night
17 Tarry Hall Skating Party
19 PTC Meeting 7p
20 Popcorn Day and ALL School PJ Day!
24 Ciao Bella’s Night
25 Marco’s Night

Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Nurenberg

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