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Spring Service Project Update

Many of you have contributed to the Shereda Family’s Spring Service Project. So far, we have received $200 in gift cards to local groceries stores.  These gift cards are being used to keep all classroms stocked with snacks for children who do not have a mid-morning treat from home.  We also received a generous donation of $100.00 from the creators of the Kingdom Assignment, Leesa and Denny Bellesi. This money is being used to pay for student lunches–a small way to help families who do not qualify for free lunch.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has made a donation toward this incredible spring service project.

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School Calendar: 2009-10

For those of you who are thinking ahead to the district elementary school calendar for next year, check the dates listed below.  These dates have also been added to our google calendar, posted to the right.

Labor Day, No School:  September 7

First Day of School:  September 8

Records Day, No School:  October 23

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences:  November 2,3,4

Thanksgiving Break:  November 25, 26, 27

Holiday Break:  December 21-January 1

Records Day, No School:  February 15

Winter Parent Teacher Conferences:  March 1,2,3

Winter Break: March 4,5

Spring Break:  April 2-9

Memorial Day:  May 31

Final Day of School:  June 10

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Weekly Events: April 13, 2009

I hope that you had a fantastic spring break!  Many of you left town (those who stayed know how empty it was in West Michigan) and others stayed behind to shovel snow.  I hope that ALL of you had time to rest and relax with family and friends.

As you look ahead to this week and the dates listed on the calendar to the right, you will see that we have just 38 school days remaining until the end of the 2008-09 school year.  There will be many events taking place.  Please check this blog and your child’s teacher blog for regular updates.

Mon 4/13  Day 2 Happy Monday!   Mileage Club Begins

Tues 4/14  Day 3 BMS Instrument Fittings:  MPR (morning); Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm

Wed  4/15  Day 1
Thurs 4/16:  Day 2
4th Grade to W. Shore Symphony

Friday 4/17:  Day 1  MW PreK/K

Upcoming Events

4/20  Play to Learn
4/23  Grade Level Mtg
4/24  Recess Games
4/27  Locker Stories UP this week.
4/27  Ashley Tiesman Service Project Week
4/30 Young Author’s Calvin College
5/4 Just Write:  Gr. 5
5/5  Just Write:  Gr 4 & K
5/6  Just Write:  Gr 3 & PK/K
Canoe Trip:  4th Grade
ACES @ 2:45
5/7  Just Write:  Gr 1
Author Visit:
ECSE to Teusink’s Farm
5/8  Just Write:  Gr 2
Just Write Skits
5/11-29: 2nd Grade Typing Dates
5/12  Tarry Hall Skating
5/13  K to Outdoor Discovery Center
5/14  Talent Show (date change from original calendar);  K to Outdoor Discovery Center
5/15 Reading Counts Party (date change from original calendar); Popcorn Day
5/16  School Carnival
5/18  Hair Assembly @  2:30 pm
5/20-5/22 5th Grade Camp
5/20  Stadt/Woodring DeGraaf Nature Center
5/21  Veldman/Huizenga DeGraaf Nature Center
5/22  ECSE Hagar Park
5/25  No School:  Memorial Day
5/28 All School Field Day
5/28   Final Day ECSE
6/1  5th Grade Celebration
6/2  4th & 5th Field Day:  BMS (Stadium)
6/4  Final Day of School – Dismissal at 1 pm  (Lunch at School)

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Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the past two scavenger hunts posted on our blog.

Our Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt winners included Samantha (Mrs. Veldman’s Class) and Grace (Best Blogging Class).  Prize:  Lunch with the Principal.

The winners of our 2009 SPRING SCAVENGER HUNT (prize…truck load size bunny basket of goodies):

Kenadie, from Mrs. Kuieck’s Second Grade Class

Shelby, from the Best Blogging Class

My creative mind is already working on a more challenging scavenger hunt for the month of May.  Details in a few weeks!

Mrs. Reagan

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Reading Counts…Spring

From Angie Roon, Reading Counts Chair:

The end of this marking period is May 6.  And, as you know our Georgetown students are working hard to make their reading counts goal to be eligible to attend the last Reading Counts celebration for this school year.  Over 80 students have already made their goal and that is even before Spring Break!  Way to go!!  For those students who are still working toward your goal, there is no need to worry because there is still time to read more books and take more quizzes.  Stay tuned…a VERY FUN Reading Counts party is coming on Friday, May 15.

Keep reading Georgetown students!!

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April Fools Day

April 1st  is a day in which I always hold my breath and hope that someone close to me isn’t going to seek some revenge on me for some past joke I played on them!  April Fools is the most lighthearted day of the year and celebrated in many countries.  In the UK, practical jokes must be played before noon.  Anyone who plays a joke after noon is called an Aprils’ Fool.   I wish you luck today!

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A family blog?

Have you ever thought about creating a family blog?  A blog that allows each family member to make observations about family trips, experiences and life in general?  If you have, I would like to recommend that you check out LEARNING SIGNS.  This blog was created by Wesley Fryer, the author of Moving at the Speed of Creativity.  The focus of the blog is learning–learning as a family.  This blog is an excellent example of how web 2.0 tools are changing the way that we learn from one another at home and at school.

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