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Blog Spotlight

This week, I would like to highlight our two reading teacher blogs.  Mrs. Bast and Mrs. Iwema work with studens in grades K-2 by providing more intensive and specialized reading instruction.  In addition, our reading teachers work closely with classroom teachers to make sure that our core reading instruction is focused on best practice.  Both teachers also work closely with our other specialists, Mrs. Sinke, Mrs. Reifschneider and Mrs. Speidel.

Mrs. Bast and Mrs. Iwema have many helpful links on their blogs for readers of ALL ABILITIES.  Their passion is reading–all levels, all genres, and promoting the joys of reading at all ages.

I encourage you to visit their blogs today!  Mrs. Reagan

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Weekly Events, 2/9/09

The week ahead includes a full moon, Valentine’s Day parties and only four school days.  This Friday, teachers will have time to work on their assessment results and begin to compile report cards.  As a result, there is no school for students on Friday, 2/13/08.  Details below.

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Good Friday Afternoon Georgetown Parents!

Attention Parents of 5th Grade Students
As of August 2002, all schools in Michigan are required to report the immunization status of all 6th grade students. This is to assure that children are adequately immunized against preventable diseases before they reach adolescence when some of these diseases become a greater threat to their health. Allison Herring, at Baldwin Street Middle School, and Anne Erickson, at Riley Street Middle School, will be checking into all current 5th grade immunization records. Letters will be mailed home for those students who do not comply with the requirements. This will be done in the next few months, as this is a huge undertaking for the amount of students within the district. If your child needs immunizations, please make work of completing these immunizations during the 5th grade school year. This would be a significant help in reducing the amount of time spent by the administrative assistants in assessing the immunization readiness for all of our incoming 6th grade students. Your help in this matter is sincerely appreciated. Please be advised that any child who has not had all of his/her immunizations will not be allowed to start 6th grade. Students who are in the process or completing the Hepatitis B series (three immunization series) will be allowed to start 6th grade, provided the next immunization is not overdue.

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held March 2-4.  At this time they will having the Classroom Basket Raffles again this year.  These will be displayed in the hall by the library.

Please plan on attending the next PTC meeting that will be held on Thursday, February 19 at 7:00pm.

Mark your calendars…….The Mother/Son Night will be Friday, March 13 at Lost City! We will be sending home more infomation soon!

Please take a look at the two attached flyers from Community Ed.  One is regards to a Girl’s Softball Clinic for girls in grades 2-6.  The other is pertaining to Boys Wrestling for boys in grades K-6.  If you have any questions regarding these flyers please contact Community Ed at 669-1740, ext 3.  All forms are to be turned into Community Ed.  Thank you!



The Hudsonville Athletic Boosters are bringing back the Tradition with the Eagle 10k in the city of Hudsonville. On Saturday March 28, the runs will take place at Hudsonville High School starting at 9:00am. For more information please go to or If you would like to volunteer to help out with this event please email at or call 893-5830.

10 Marco’s Night
11 M/W K Valentine Parties
12 Father/Daughter 50’s Sock Hop
12 Valentine Parties
16 Play to Learn
16 Marimbamania Assembly
17 Ciao Bella’s Night
17 Tarry Hall Skating Party
19 PTC Meeting 7p
20 Popcorn Day and ALL School PJ Day!
24 Ciao Bella’s Night
25 Marco’s Night

Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Nurenberg

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Reigning Pillow Polo Champs!

You may have thought that the 2010 Superbowl Game was a great game, but the annual Staff vs 5th Grade Students Pillow Polo Match was RIVETING! What in the world is pillow polo: It is a sport similar to field hockey, but played indoors and with giant Q-tips for sticks. It is one intense, high energy game!

The 5th grade students put forward a good challenge, defensively and offensively. They were, however, out scored by the highly skilled staff. There was a penalty in the first half when Mrs. Kok (Mrs. Becky)  was caught high sticking…so, sorry Grace!

Mrs. Burdis held the goalie position and saved her team by preventing multiple scores by the opposing teams. The staff scored four goals, with the students scoring one goal the entire game. Go Mrs. Bouwens, Mrs. Brouwer, Mrs. VanKoevering, Mrs. Burdis, Mrs. Kok, Mrs. Reagan–thanks for great team work.

Many thanks to all the students, the staff (who will be sore for days) and Mrs. VanKoevering/Mrs. Nienhuis for setting up this event!

*Final Note: This was the 3rd consecutive year the staff has beat the socks off the 5th graders. So, if you are a fourth grader this year, watch out!

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Blog Search Tip

Do you ever visit the blog and struggle with how to find a post or link?  We tag each post with multiple subject words to assist you in this search.  If you know the subject of what you are looking for (sock hop or weekly events, for example), simply type these words into the SEARCH found on the sidebar to the far right.

All of the posts containing those key subject words will appear.  This enables you to more easily locate what you are trying to locate. 

As always, thank you for utilizing our blog.  The goal is quick, efficient, up to date communication–along with reducing paper use!  

Mrs. Reagan

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Blog Spotlight

As you know, at the beginning of each week, I spotlight a blog or two or three for you to check out.  In the past few weeks, I have highlight PE, Art, and Music.  The blogs I am recommending for surf worthiness this week are the four very busy and wonderful first grade classrooms.  All four teachers use every moment to focus on instruction and still manage to build in time for those critical life long learning skills of teamwork, socialization and problem solving.  Enjoy your surfing through these classrooms!

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How well do you know a word?


Early this fall, we implemented a common instructional strategy (K-5) for the teaching of vocabulary. When teachers provide direct instruction in the deep understanding of words (vocabulary), students are better prepared to understand the information they hear and read in their studies.  Much of this work was based on the research of Bob Marzano, international curriculum leader in the area of best practice instruction, K-12.

Under the guidance of our speech & language pathologist, Kristina Speidel, we also assessed all students in their understanding of this strategy so that we could make improvements to our instruction.  The data that we collected helped us to identify missing pieces of our instruction, and also helped to move in the direction of small group instruction as a next step.  Beginning this week, small groups of students in each grade will work with teachers to learn additional strategies vocabulary to improve learning in all content areas.  In May, we will re-assess students and create a plan for improving instruction for the 2009-10 school year.

To see a video of the lesson modeled, visit:  VOCABULARY




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Weekly Agenda, 2/2/09

Ahhh….it is finally February!  I enjoy winter, but this one seems like it is lingering just a bit too long for my tastes.  We are headed into the 21st week of school, and already planning for spring events: Young Authors,  Just Write, Talent Show, and  Field Day to name a few.  Please check our posts to stay updated on weekly and future events.  Have a terrific week!  And, by the way, Happy Ground Hog Day, too.

Weekly Events

  • Mon 2/2  Day 3:  Ground Hog Day
  • Tues 2/3  Day 1:  Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Wed  2/4  Day 2:  Pillow Polo Match:  5th Grade Students vs Olympic Medaled Staff Members
  • Thurs 2/5  Day 3:  Mrs. Kok:  Bowling:  9:15 am; Blog Training for Students @ 4 pm (Computer Lab)
  • Fri  2/6 Day 1:  MW PK/K




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Persuasive Writing = Donated Books!


Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Mrs. Molly Guikema, one of our HHS teachers, designed a writing project with a community purpose for her English II-A students.  At the conclusion of their unit of study related to characteristics of an American hero, Mrs. Guikema asked her English students to write a persuasive letter to children’s book publishers.  The intent of the letter to solicit book donations to help build school library collections for their local elementary schools. Five of the students chose to donate the books they received to our school library.  

Many thanks to: Jon Igo, Britney Bekken, Alex Slager, Christy Bectel, Nicole Huitsing…and Mrs. Guikema! You can view the donate books on our shelf above…and in our school library!



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