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Connect With Kids Website

I would like to make you aware of a helpful website for parents and teachers:  CONNECT WITH KIDS. Each week, different topics are addressed about learning, parenting, nutrition and safety – issues all of us try to stay informed about so we can continue to support the children in our lives.

The topics this week include:

Which Battles Should You Pick?:  Why do some kids take daring risks and choose dangerous games and pranks?  A new study from Temple University suggests that some kids have an unlucky combination in their brain: with thrills and dangers, a part of their brain gets stimulated while, at the same time, the self‑control part of the brain is less active.  The challenge for parents: knowing what risks are acceptable and which ones are not.

Teen Depression: Research from Columbia University finds that nearly half of all 19 to 25 year olds suffer from some type of psychiatric disorder: depression, anxiety, phobias, or addiction. Some of the disorders are mild and some are not. Why are so many kids suffering and what can parents do to help.

Too Much Multitasking: Researchers at UCLA analyzed more than 50 studies on learning and technology.  Among their many findings was one about multitasking‑ how much do students learn when they’re doing homework if they’re also texting, blogging, checking emails, and listening to their iPod? Their conclusion: not a whole lot.

The Junk Food Trap: Researchers at UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research report that a parent’s diet has a powerful influence on their kids’ diet. For example, when parents eat fruits and vegetables, their kids are sixteen times more likely to do the same, compared to kids whose parents seldom eat fruits and veggies. It seems you are what you eat … and so are your kids!

Foreign Body in Nose (ER):  Green peas, small toys, pieces of crayon, erasers, beads, wads of paper‑ little children can pick up any of these and in a fraction of a second, swallow it or stick it in their nose. And then a few hours later the child ends up in the ER.

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Symphony Trip: 5th Grade

The 5th grade students have a wonderful opportunity coming up to attend the Grand Rapids Symphony orchestra. The GR Symphony offers a special educational concert open only to 5th grade students. Since we have been studying orchestras and the families of instruments in class, this provides an exciting, hands-on culmination of our studies.

This year, our concert will take place on Tuesday, March 10. It will be held at Central Wesleyan in Holland at 11:10 am.  The concert is 50 minutes long.  If you would be interested in attending as a chaperone, contact your child’s teacher.  There are a few chaperone spots open.  This concert is only open to 5th grade students.  Younger siblings will be not be allowed to attend.

We look forward in sharing this musical experience with the students. Since this is a special symphony orchestra performance, we do encourage the students to dress nicely that day if possible. For more information, please check out the music blog. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Mrs. Bretz,; 797-9797 x 22411

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2009 Art Show

Mark your calendars for our Ninth Annual Elementary Student Art Show!  This will be held in the  Park Elementary Community Room  Monday, April 27 through Thursday, April 30th.  The show is open daily from 9 AM – 3 PM.

Mrs. Brouwer, our incredible and wonderful art teacher, will host a special reception for our Georgetown Elementary artists on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

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Just Write…Just 6 Weeks Away!

During the week of May 4, we will celebrate the writing work we have done all year long.  This celebration will include tours, skits, podcasts, publications, a famous author visit (Shirley Neitzel), and post stories.  Students will be encouraged to wear their Just Write T Shirt on their tour date and throughout the week.  If you would like to order one, please turn in your money and the completed form by March 30, 2009.  justwritetshirts09

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We would like to invite you to participate in our annual PTC fundraiser, the SPRING BASKET DRAWING! Parents and teachers have donated items to themed classroom baskets that are displayed in the hallway outside our media center. To participate in the drawing, purchase tickets for $1.00 per basket. You may enter as many times as you want! The drawing will be held on Thursday. Winners will be contacted by phone. Baskets can be picked up the week of March 9. The slideshow below highlights the incredible baskets we have available this year!

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Stomach Virus Alert

Please be aware that we are experiencing a high rate of absences due to a stomach virus that is making it’s way through the school. Last week, we averaged 50 students per day who were absent with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and fever. The virus is very contagious in that we are seeing it spread through classrooms and families.

The absence rate is continuing this week, with 5-6 students absent in some classrooms with this virus. As a school, we are asking students to NOT share water bottles and we are disinfecting all surfaces and door knobs as frequently as possible.

If your child shows symptoms of this illness, PLEASE keep your child home. Do not send your child back to school until s/he is symptom free for 24 hours. The Ottawa County Health Department sent an alert out to all schools last week regarding the illness and asked that we follow the “24 hour symptom free” recommendation.  Please help us out by keeping your child home until s/he is symptom free.

Remember to call the office to excuse your child, 797-9797.

As I sign off, I am making a mad dash for the hand sanitizer! Mrs. Reagan

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PTC Update

PTC MEETING:  MARCH: Just a friendly reminder that the PTC meeting for March has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 24.  This will be a very special PTC meeting as our Superintendent, Roxanne DeWeerd, will be attending also.  Please do not miss this one!!

WHAT’S THE SCOOP: If your child received an ice cream coupon from “What’s the Scoop” from the Walk-A-Thon we just wanted to make sure you knew they would still be honored once the store re-opens in the spring.  They will not expire!  : )

BOX TOP COMPETITION: Our recent BOX TOP winners:  Parker-395 (5, Burmeister); Erica-146 (3-Flory).  Max-259 and Systma-348.  Prizes include ESPN Gridiron Handheld Football Game, Eagle’s T-Shirt, Blue/Gold PomPoms.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Box Top Collections. The PTC has earned over $2,300 for classroom materials!

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Blog Spotlight

It is once again time to spotlight a Georgetown Blog, also known as an opportunity for me to brag about Georgetown’s to notch teaching staff. In early January, I highlight the specialist teacher blogs (art, music and PE). With the district wide Art Show approaching, would like to re-highlight Mrs. Brouwer’s incredible art blog.

Mrs. Brouwer is perhaps one of the most talented art teachers I have ever worked with. As a teacher, she is passionate about art, but equally passionate about doing whatever it takes to reach all learners!

Mrs. Brouwer follows an instructional format that opens with community building (2-3 minutes to learn about student’s day/interests), model teaching lesson (incorporating the objective for learning and connecting the learning to prior day’s learning), guided practice (let me show you how this can be done w/ student assistance) and release – the students artists now practice what they learned. The same instructional practice we ask of our general ed teachers is replicated in art class with Mrs. Brouwer! It should not come as a surprise to you that she is a National Board Certified Teacher. We are very proud to have her Georgetown!

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Our Week Ahead 3/2/09

We are kicking off the first week of March with a short but very important week.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – late afternoon and evenings.  We look forward to meeting with you and sharing the growth your child has made since the beginning of the school year.  If you cannot remember your schedule time, please contact your child’s teacher.

While you are at PT Conferences, please check out the amazing baskets for our basket raffle.  These baskets have become an annual PTC fundraiser.  The money earned from these baskets go toward funding PT family activities, materials for our library, and instructional materials for the classroom.

  • Mon 3/2 Day 2:  P/T Conferences 5-8 pm; JET’s PIZZA NIGHT-Pizza for the family while you are at conferences!
  • Tues 3/3  Day 3:  Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm; P/T Conferences 4-7 pm
  • Wed  3/4  Day 1:  P/T Conferences 4-7 pm
  • Thurs 3/5:  NO SCHOOL.  Teachers will be participating in professional development training.
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NEWS from the OFFICE
Just a friendly reminder from the office that the students have next Thursday, March 5, and Friday, March 6 off. This is considered our winter break. This also means that Friday, March 13 is a Tuesday/Thursday Pre-K/K day!!!

A few things that are extremely helpful for the office. The office is very busy at the start/end of the day. If you have a change in plans for your child could you please make sure to try and call us by 3:00pm. As the end of the day is crazy and the teachers are sometimes hard to reach as they are getting students ready for the busses and parent pick-up! What works best for all is if you send a note in with your student to give to the teacher.

Last, but not least, the playground is very muddy right now. Please keep sending the boots along. If the students want to leave the black-top they need to have boots. Please try to remind your children to be careful as it is getting to be a habit to call home for dry clothes!

Attached you will find a flyer in regards to the upcoming baseball clinic offered by the Hudsonville High School Baseball Coaching Staff and Players. This clinic will take place on March 14 and March 21. If you have any questions please direct them to Dave Van Noord at 662-0648.


2 Jet’s Pizza Night
2-4 Parent Teacher Conferences
2-4 PTC Basket Raffle
4 Health Videos (Grades 4/5)
5 NO SCHOOL-Winter Break
6 NO SCHOOL-Winter Break
10 4th Grade Lansing field trip
11 Marco’s Night
13 Reading Counts Party
13 PTC Mother/Son night
16-20 Book Fair
17 Marco’s Night
17 Kindergarten Round-Up 10am and 7pm
18-20 Kindergarten Testing
19 Wendy’s Night
20 Popcorn Friday
24 PTC Meeting Superintendent Roxanne DeWeerd in attendance!

Have a great weekend! Mrs. Nurenberg


The Mother/Son night for Laser Tag at Lost City in Holland is scheduled for Friday, March 13. Don’t forget. Registrations will be accepted through next Wednesday, March 4. Hope to see you all there!

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