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Week 2: September 4-7, 2018

I hope that you and your family are enjoying a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Staff book study for the 2018-19 school year is GROWTH MINDSET COACH. It is a month by month guide that helps us shift our teacher  and student thinking to a GROWTH mindset approach to learning.  Teachers know that the actions they take (body language, word choice) show our students what we expect of their learning.  Sometimes the words we use give children the impression that their ability to learn is fixed or pre-determined.  This happens when we make statements like:  “You’re so smart! or “You’re a math genius”  or “Spelling comes easily to you.”  These statements imply that some kids are born smart, genius like and/or that learning comes easily.  This reinforces a FIXED MINDSET.

Many of us were raised in these messages, so we must intentionally shift toward a GROWTH MINDSET approach to teaching and learning.  By doing this, our word choice reflects the philosophy that our brains are always growing and as a result, with lots of practice and support, every child and adult is a learner.  To help you understand this approach, I encourage you to visit MINDSET WORKS parent tips page.   It is FILLED with helpful information about this approach.

Each month, we’ll introduce a new GROWTH MINDSET PHRASE to our students and expand their beliefs about their own ability to learn through practice, mistakes, failures and more practice.  This months phrase is above — Everyone Can Learn. 

This week, we will continue to focus on welcoming all the children by building routines and relationships.  We know that Tuesday could be a little tricky for some of our kindergarteners (and maybe a few Gr 1-5 kids) after four days at home.  We’re resting up to provide extra TLC to help them out!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Mrs. Reagan


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Blog Bits 9/30/2018

Blog Bits 8/30/2018

News From the Office…

Welcome back to school! It has been a great first week! The kids are doing amazing and it has been a smooth start! We just want to remind you that there is no school Friday or Monday. We will be back on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Enjoy your long holiday weekend with family and friends!

Early Release Friday…

Just a reminder, it’s early release Friday! We will be dismissing at 12:15 on Sept. 14. If your child is a car rider, please be at school between 12:10 and 12:15 for pick up.  Food Service will be offering a sack lunch on early release days. Children can order a lunch with their teacher in the morning and will have them to take to their destination.  The cost will be $2.50.  Free and reduced benefits will also apply.

School Pictures!!…

MARK THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDARS!!! SCHOOL PICTURES WILL BE ON SEPTEMBER 27!! More information will be coming home with the order form soon!

PTC News…

•9/13 – First Jet’s Pizza Night! Order a delicious easy dinner and help out Georgetown! Tell Jet’s who your child’s teacher is when you order and the teacher that gets the most orders wins a pizza party for their class! Also Jet’s donates a portion of the proceeds back to Georgetown to help many things at Georgetown!

•9/20 – First PTC meeting! Mark this on your calendars and come hear what is happening at Georgetown!! It will be held in the library starting at 6:30!! We would love to see all of you there!!

•9/28 – First Popcorn Friday

Community News…

•Hudsonville Robotics is transitioning to an online application for students interested in the robotics program.  We still have a form available if a family prefers not to use the online service.
All of the information is available at this link:
Applications are due September 5, we will establish the teams that weekend (Sept 7th), host an orientation on September 13, and teams can start practicing the week of Sept 17.
•Septemberfest Arts and Crafts Show will be held again this year on Saturday, September 15 from 9am – 3pm at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds.  Admission is $2 for adults and kids 12 and under are free.  Come shop over 150 vendors and plan to stay for lunch.  All proceeds benefit Hudsonville Christian School. Please visit Facebook for more information on vendors or to RSVP to the event.  Hope to see you there!

•Double Up Food Bucks at Ottawa County Farmers Markets   As you might know, Double Up Food Bucks is a wonderful program that allows Bridge Card (SNAP/EBT) holders to double their spending power! When participants shop with their Bridge Card at participating farmers markets, they get FREE Double Up Food Bucks tokens for Michigan grown fruits & veggies, up to $20 a day. No registration- no hassle!  Check out the short video at to learn more!

Community Ed…

Community Ed Papers came home this week! There are many things new activities for your child to check out!

 You can click here to go to the community education page on the Hudsonville Public School website.


Upcoming Events

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Celebrating our Summer Learners!

Throughout the summer months, we encouraged our students to participate in some sort of learning — either through our online MOBYMAX system or reading and logging minutes read.

This summer, we had our best participation ever.  A total of 154 students participated (Grades K-5) spending a total of 54,633 minutes learning!  

Every student who participated earned an OUTSTANDING award for their classroom — awards that are given out during the year for exhibiting the best characteristics of a Georgetown school family member.  All 154 students will also bring home an OUTSTANDING certificate to share with their families.

Some information on our OUTSTANDING AWARDS:  We look for classes (collectively) or individuals representing their class who are demonstrating these attributes:  BE NICE, WORK HARD, LEARN WELL — and respectful hallway, playground, lunchroom behavior…in addition to the most honorary OUTSTANDING:   Helping others at school feel safe and cared for — The Outstanding UPSTANDER Award.

Finally, our PTC (representing you, our parents) supports the summer learning incentive with a $10 AMAZON gift card for one student from each grade.  A student from each grade was randomly selected and the winners are shown in the photo above.  Congratulations to RJ (Kindergarten), Ian T (First Grade), Ellery V (Second Grade), Bryce K (Third Grade), Anna Sayers (Fourth Grade) and Carter B (Fifth Grade).



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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day One of School!

Lucas, Tristan and Charlotte (cute first graders) ….loving their lunch time on the second grade playground!

Even though we started our day with rain, our day hummed along PERFECTLY!   We had all of our students in the right classrooms, on the grade level playground, seated at the correct lunch table and MOST IMPORTANTLY…home to you at the end of the day.

Many thanks to all of the extra TLC from staff who were out in the halls, on the playground and everywhere checking for kids who needed an extra hand or some directional advice.

Remember…if your child is extra tired tonight, it’s because they were busy learning routines, following directions, meeting new friends and learning.  Starting school is exhausting for the brain and the body.  Get them to bed early so we can tire them out tomorrow too!

If it looks like your child isn’t eating enough lunch by the end of this week, let the child’s teacher know.  We will get the word out to the lunch staff to help with encouraging and monitoring.

Here’s to DAY 2 of school!

Mrs. Reagan





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First Week of School! August 28-30, 2018

Tonight I opened my email to find a wonderful message from one of our students that describes the same feeling that I have about the this year:  “Dear Mrs. Reagan, I’m so excited for this year!”  I replied back: “ME, TOO!”

We are ready for your beautiful children…. from the length of the grass and the shine on the hallway floors (thank you Mr. Rob and team) to the locker tags, student folders, teacher blog messages and every single individual student learning/welcome item.  Our staff, like many others, works hard to make sure all of your children feel welcome.

Hydration…It’s going to be a warm school year kick off.  Please dress your kids in summer like clothing and SEND an individual water bottle with their first/last name.  Hydration is the key to regulating fatigue and emotions.  Most kids (and adults) do not know when their bodies are getting de-hydrated.  They are going to be warm and tired this week, and we want to prompt them to drink their water!

Nutrition…pack snacks…plenty of snacks.  We’ll provide the snack breaks.  We want to make sure kids eat a healthy snack because the first few days in the lunchroom = more talk than eating.  We will monitor the kids and prompt them to eat — especially our precious cargo (K and first).  Don’t panic if your child doesn’t eat all their lunch. However, if this continues into week 3, please let your child’s teacher know so we can start monitoring more closely.

Fatigue… all the kids will come home tired.  ALL THE STAFF will go home tired.  It’s exciting and exhausting to start the new school year routine — so please be prepared to give out extra hugs and assurances that their brains and bodies will get used to this new routine.

Communication…is KEY!  If you sense that your child is confused or concerned about the expectations or schedule or ANYTHING…contact the teacher!  When you email or call the teacher, keep in mind that they are TEACHING all DAY so they might not get back to you until after the kids are on the bus.  Every teacher has a planning period of 50 minutes……and they try to check their emails, voice mails.  However, they are also preparing the next lessons for the day during this time so sometimes do not get to this during planning.  The reality is this, Georgetown teacher are KIDS FIRST all day and they spend the bulk of their evenings taking care of their own families and then doing school work afterward — and this includes catching up on communication.  If you don’t hear back in 24 hours, reach out again knowing that you aren’t being ignored– the teacher is simply focused on your kids.  (This is why they are so good at what they do!)

I could go on and on with advice…but I am going to refrain from sharing all my wisdom in the first post.  I would like to close with this:  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We promise to do our very best caring for each little (and tall) one you send to us.

Enjoy your weekend…and as Lily said in her email to me, I have to tell you again, I am so excited for this year!

Mrs. Reagan

PS…I almost forgot the most important piece of advice:  If you are SAD or NERVOUS about your child starting school, please FAKE EXCITEMENT next week…and then again the following TUESDAY.  We give out bonus parent points for those who can fake it so that we can get the children to break free from you and come into school!

A calendar snapshot of the week is below.  The calendar also runs along the right side of this blog.


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I have been so consumed with sorting out bus stop locations, times and going home type for each child, that I completely forgot about posting to the blog!

For those of you who have been ignoring all my emails during the month of August, this is a blog post reminder that our Grade 1-5 Open House is tonight…Wednesday, August 22 from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The teachers have been working hard to prepare their rooms so that they are a safe, calm and welcoming environment for your children.  Mr. Rob has the building and the grounds looking PHENOMENAL!  I and the secretaries have been working to get class lists prepared and pulling together endless details to make sure we welcome every child and parent to our school tonight and next week Tuesday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Mrs. Reagan

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TURN SUMMER BOOKS in on August 7: 9:30-10:30 am


 Tuesday August 7, 2018 from 9:30-10:30 am

Mrs. Totten (STEAM STUDIO teacher) and her son Zachery will greet parents at the front door tomorrow to check in WEB reading books and library books.  It will be a quick and easy drop off for everyone.

Thank you for participating in summer library!

Mrs. Reagan and the Georgetown Team

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It’s AUGUST…Summer Learning Incentive to Prevent Summer Learning Slide

brainHave you ever heard the phrase ‘summer slide’?  It refers to the loss of learning that can take place when skills are not practiced over the summer.   We want everyone to keep their learning brains turned on by spending a 10-50 minutes every day practicing math facts and reading.  To determine the appropriate minimum number of minutes/day for your child, multiple their grade level by 10.  For example, a first grader would spend a minimum of 10 minutes — 5 minutes on math and 5 minutes on reading.AnAn

if you would like to track reading minutes over the summer, this COUNTS toward our summer learning prize drawing.  Log into this form once a week or once a month to tell me how many minutes  you are reading.  Summer learning contest ends on August 20.

Another option: our school has a login for all students on MOBYMAX –  an excellent online tool for all content areas.  If your child has forgotten their password/login, email me.  Login is through Clever with student email address and password.

Our goals for students over the summer are below. Students who reach or exceed goals will be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card (1 per grade). This is for their grade next year.

Reading Minutes Mobymax
  • First Grade: 100 minutes
  • Second Grade: 200 minutes
  • Third Grade: 300 minutes
  • Fourth Grade: 400 minutes
  • Fifth Grade:  400 minutes
  • First Grade: 100 pts
  • Second Grade: 200 pts
  • Third Grade: 300 pts
  • Fourth Grade: 400 pts
  • Fifth Grade:  500 pts

Reading:  Log into  this form  to record the number of minutes you read.  You can record each day or enter the total for each week.


Login will be


If your child is new to the school and you would like login information, email Mrs. Reagan.

Finally, Mrs. Vandenberg, our librarian, would love to have post photos of you reading over the summer.  If you have a photo of your reading during vacation, send her the photo at

Hope your July was fantastic!  See you in four weeks!

Mrs. Reagan

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A Note from the Superintendent’s Office

We hope that you and your family are having a wonderful summer so far!  The start of the school year is a few weeks away, but it will be here before we know it.

Please take a moment to read Hudsonville Public Schools newsletter The Appleseed.  This issue contains important information regarding back to school open house dates, times, and more.

The Appleseed can also be viewed as a PDF.

Dr. Doug VanderJagt, Superintendent

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