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Introducing Raey Guang Elementary–Our Sister School

Raey Guang Elementary School is located in Pingtung, a city in the southern portion of Taiwan. The school is situated in an urban area, and considered to be “medium” sized. There are 36 classes, grades 1-6. A total of 1,200 students attend the school, taught by a faculty of 64. (Comparison to Georgetown….20 classes, grades PK-5, 571 students, 20 Pk-5 teachers.)

Chung Wen Yu is the principal, and she is assisted by five directors. These directors handle curriculum, counseling, student affairs, and a variety of other duties. Raey Guang has received two distinguished certifications from the Ministry of Education for recognition of teachers who integrate informational technology into the classrooms.

Parents of the school children come from a higher socioeconomic background and place great importance on their children’s education and academic performance. To find out more about Taiwan and the educational system, click on Taiwan Education.

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