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Wintery Weather Has Arrived!

The snow has arrived…and so has the cold!   Please do your very best to make sure that your child has mittens or gloves, hats and other winter clothing to help with warmth during recess periods.

Also, I want to let you know that our sidewalks have many icy spots on days like today.  Mr. Rob (our intrepid custodian) sands and salts all areas beginning each day at 6:30 am.  However, the wind (which is very gusty in our open parking lot) works against this process.  The salt and sand blows, and what has melted refreezes.

Keep this in mind throughout the winter months.  Tread carefully on the sidewalks and know that Mr. Rob does his very best to make it safe.

Be extra careful when walking outside as it is the time of year again,  Icy spots everywhere, I know that I have spoken to Rob and it is really difficult to keep the ice down, as the wind blows through it re-freezes quickly so warn your students to be extra cautious too.

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