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12/1/06: GES Events for the Week

This is a new feature that I will help you look ahead to events for each week. These will be stored in the category to the left called: Weekly Updates

Dec 1:   Day 1
Dec 2:   Day 2
Dec 3:   Day 3; Holiday Program Rehearsal in the Georgetown Gym
Dec 4:   Day 1; Holiday Program, 7 pm @ Resurrection Life in Grandville
Dec 5:   Day 2; Reading Counts Parties:
              (3rd 9:30-10:15; 2nd 10:30-11:15; 4th 1:30-2:15; 5th 2:30-3:15)

A sneak peak for December dates ahead:
8-12 Holiday Gift Shop
8 Swimming Begins
10 Staff Breakfast sponsored by our incredible PTC
18/19 Holiday Parties
20 Vacation Begins!

To view our calendar for the year, refer to the page link above: School Hours and Calendar  or to the left in categories.

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