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Do you like scavenger hunts?

I have a Valentine’s Day weekend challenge for you! The first blogger to find all the letters of the word “valentine” will win lunch out with me! To participate in this, you simply have to follow these rules:

1. Make a list of the letters:

* V
* A
* L
* E
* N
* T
* I
* N = Megan’s Blog
* E = John’s Blog

2. Go to each of the student blogs and hunt for the letters. (These are found on the Blogpals main site.)

3. When you find a letter, write the student blog name next to each letter. (See the examples I put above next to N and E. These are just examples!)

4. You must post a comment to the school blog.

5. The first person to find all the letters and make a comment, WINS!

AND…the letters do not need to match the letters above.

There are two e’s and two n’s. They must be from different student blogs!

Good Luck…Have Fun…and happy Valentine’s Day!

Mrs. Reagan

Please NOTE: Any of the students in our school can participate! Also, if you are a parent or visitor from another school, you can participate as well. I can’t give you lunch, but we can celebrate your talents on the blog!

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