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Blog Spotlight

It is once again time to spotlight a Georgetown Blog, also known as an opportunity for me to brag about Georgetown’s to notch teaching staff. In early January, I highlight the specialist teacher blogs (art, music and PE). With the district wide Art Show approaching, would like to re-highlight Mrs. Brouwer’s incredible art blog.

Mrs. Brouwer is perhaps one of the most talented art teachers I have ever worked with. As a teacher, she is passionate about art, but equally passionate about doing whatever it takes to reach all learners!

Mrs. Brouwer follows an instructional format that opens with community building (2-3 minutes to learn about student’s day/interests), model teaching lesson (incorporating the objective for learning and connecting the learning to prior day’s learning), guided practice (let me show you how this can be done w/ student assistance) and release – the students artists now practice what they learned. The same instructional practice we ask of our general ed teachers is replicated in art class with Mrs. Brouwer! It should not come as a surprise to you that she is a National Board Certified Teacher. We are very proud to have her Georgetown!

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