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Reading Counts Rocks!

From Angie Roon, Reading Counts’ Chair: I just can’t believe that it is already March and that a second Reading Counts party is already over!  Educators from the Public Museum of Grand Rapids shared lots of cool information about space with our students. Students watched a short video that included many remarkable pictures that were taken from space. They were fascinated with being able to touch a meteorite, a melted meteorite, a solar part of a space shuttle, and to see several personal items from our local astronaut hero, Roger B. Chaffee. They were amazed to learn satellites are used for communication. The students were excited to be able to sample dehydrated food just like the astronauts had in space! You would be as surprised as the students to learn why astronauts eat tortillas in space—Just ask your child for the answer!

The next Reading Counts celebration will be May 15 and Kelly Keur has already changed the bulletin board for the theme: ocean life. It will be fun watching the “fish” swim across the board to show 100% of each student’s goal.

Our Reading Counts parties are only successful because of the help from wonderful parents and volunteers. Thank you, parents and volunteers, for your time and your help! (Staci Niebor, Michelle Hinken, Rhonda Fabbro, Shawna Brandt, Michelle Wierenga, Michele DeWinter, Shelly Telfor, Kelly Bartz, and Kelly Keur)

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