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Just Write is Coming!

We Have Something to Say...

We are counting down to our HUGE celebration of writing called, “We have something to say…JUST WRITE!” The event takes place during the week of May 4, with different events scheduled each day. Teachers are busy preparing student stories for publication on lockers, hallways, doors, posters, and BOOKS. We are publishing a book for each class, and these will be available through For each book purchased, we will receive $4.00 to put toward our writing program (supplies, author visits, and software).

If you would like your child to wear a JUST WRITE shirt on their grade celebration day, send this order form in before spring break begins.  TSHIRT ORDER

Please be sure to visit our lulu STOREFRONT to check out our publications. As of today, the following classrooms have published books available for purchase: Mrs. Becky, Mrs. Nederveld, Mrs. Bohl and Mrs. Flory.

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