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Meteor Shower, Anyone?

Perseid Meteor 2007After midnight tonight, the annual Perseid meteor shower will put on a show…right in your backyard!
You will need to get as far away from city lights as possible.  Experts also recommend that you bring a comfy chair with you outdoors–the show is in slow motion.

Astronomers say up “to 100 meteors per hour are expected to streak across the sky during the shower’s peak. The Perseid shower occurs every summer when the Earth’s orbit crosses the path of debris thrown off by Comet Swift-Tuttle.”   Meteor showers are dust grains left over from a comet that strike the upper atmosphere.  (Associated Press)

If you do stay up and would like to describe your experience or share photos, send me a comment on the blog and I will post your experience for all our readers!

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