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The Georgetown PULL

Hope vs calvin teachersIf you have been following our blog (or if you have a slightly competitive child) you are aware that we culminated our recess game training with a community building activity called THE PULL.   Because we have a student teacher from Calvin College and another from Hope College, we decided to pit the two against each other to decide who could win the GEORGETOWN PULL.

We had a series of three pulls, the first being HOPE STAFF vs CALVIN STAFF.   Calvin gave it their very best shot, but Hope succeeded in pulling the hardest and strongest in this first competition.  The second pull was a mix of HOPE and CALVIN staff members on each side — a chance to show that we do work together no matter which college we attend—and the teams were fairly evenly matched.

pull shot

Finally, we had Mrs. Kuieck’s CALVIN KNIGHTS pull against the Hope Staff, and if I could call the winners, I would say Mrs. Kuieck’s class came in first for effort, determination and overall team spirit!

Many thanks to all the staff who participated and to all the kids who wore team colors of one kind or another.  It was a beautiful day and a fun way to bring the entire school together for some fun.

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