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Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will be taking the state assessment test (MEAP) beginning October 13.  Testing dates are also as follows:  October 15, October 20 and October 22.  A specific schedule of content area testing per grade can be viewed on an earlier post:  MEAP 2009

All students must be present during the full testing period on each of these four days.  If a student misses any portion of the test (due to late arrival or early departure), this student must retake the test on another day–even if they completed a portion. If your child is sick on a testing day, KEEP THEM HOME FROM SCHOOL!  We are allowed make-up dates and we will make sure your child is able to take the test on one of these dates.

Please understand that these guidelines come to us from the MEAP testing department.  To help your child do their very best, please have them attend school during the full time yesterday.   Specific times for each grade can be viewed below.

MEAP schedule

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