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Parent Teacher Conferences Ahead!

During the first week in November (on dates 2,3,4),  all teachers in grades PK-5 meet with parents to provide information about each child’s progress in learning.  This year, we are asking each parent to complete an online form that helps us to know the best day that work for each family.  These survey’s will be posted to the blogs on Monday of this week.  By using this online survey form, you are helping our school to save over 2,000 sheets of paper.

P/T form

We ask that you complete the survey by Friday, October 16.  As a staff, we will meet the week of October 20 to schedule conferences–and our goal is to make sure that if parents who have multiple children at Georgetown,  come on one evening with the conferences close enough together so that we your time is used efficiently.

On Monday, check  your child’s classroom blog for the parent/teacher survey form!

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