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Teachers have HOBBIES, too!

A hobby is an activity that you do for enjoyment, and there are a wide variety of hobbies you can have living somewhere that has four seasons.   My winter hobbies are knitting and baking.  In the spring, I love to walk and collect stones on the beach.  The summer and fall are perfect times for one of my favorite hobbies, gardening.

HobbyThis summer, my hobby was very different:  FAMILY TIME. During the school year,  everyone in my family is very busy and sometimes we are rarely home together.  My goal this summer was to spend LOTS of time doing activities with my son, daughter and husband.  We swam in the pool, went to movies, took long walks, and sometimes just did nothing but talk.  It was one of my best summers in many years.

Visit the many Georgetown Blogs to learn about the hobbies of teachers in grades PK-5!  If you have an interesting or unusual hobby that you would like to share, send me a comment and I will share it on our blog.


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