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Another Artist to Celebrate!

Celebrating the art of Jacob Hoekstra!

Mrs. Brouwer has another artist to celebrate in our building! Earlier this fall, two of our students were selected to be showcased at the 40th Annual Children’s International Art Show.

This week we found out that Jacob Hoekstra, a 4th grader in our building, had his artwork selected to be featured on the Michigan Association of School Administrator’s annual holiday card.  It is a huge honor to have one of our student works of art chosen for the MASA holiday card!   Jacob’s card will be sent to many different segments of Michigan’s population, including Governor Granholm, members of the legislature and leaders in the educational community.

Jacob’s artwork depicts a winter landscape and barn that reflects the buildings found in our rural farming community.  Jacob used his understanding of form and color to create his landscape in tempera paint.  Jacob says that his dream job would involve both football and creating art.  Congratulations, Jacob!

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