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Megan Assink is a STAR!

Megan, a second grader in Mrs. Greenlund’s class, is a star in our hearts–and now a star in Megan Starthe local media!  As her friend Allyson wrote, “Megan is a star because there is a movie kind of like Megan.”  That movie, Extraordinary Measures, is a true story of a family’s fight (the Crowley’s) for the development and approval of a drug to treat Pompe’s Disease which affected his two children and also affects our Megan as well.

Megan and her family have been featured by the following media services:

Fox News


And…the  Grand Rapids Press (1/16/2010). You can also view photos of Megan and her friends in the GR Press photo gallery.

Movie trailer for Extraordinary Measures

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