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Pillow Polo: Who are the Champions?

spinning studentIt was an exciting game of Staff vs 5th Graders Pillow Polo Game on Friday.  The staff team is a year older and the 5th graders…still 10 and 11.   This year we managed to recruit Mr. Rob as our goalie, knowing that strategy will need to start giving us an edge against these agile, fast and competitive teams!

It was a close game with some accusations that the staff members were cheating.  Remember when I referenced the word strategy up above? As a disclaimer, I would all to be aware of the “baby rule” which states “…if at anytime, the ball  goes into play near a child under four, the principal must pick up the ball, walk 10 feet and throw the ball toward her team’s goal.” You can find this on page 6,539 in the manual held in the Library of Congress Soccer Section.

Thanks for a fun game 5th graders!  You are an incredible group for us to learn and play with on a daily basis!

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