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The Wolf Moon

Wolf MoonYes….our full moon this weekend is called the “wolf moon.”  This name comes from Native American stories of wolves howling at the biggest and brightest moon of the year.  The wolf moon is in fact 30% closer to us at this time…so the wolves howl for good reason!

The photo above was taken by a Andy Waller, a photographer that I follow on my 365 Project. More information can be found on the year’s biggest full moon on the Red Orbit site as well as the  National Geographic site.

I have been featuring the moon since it’s beautiful appearance over Georgetown in December.  During this month, we were graced  two full moons (one called a blue moon) and now we have the wolf moon of January!  I wonder what February will bring!

I also wanted to share beautiful photos of the full moon in Anchorage, Alaska and a great collection on Flickr.  Enjoy!

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