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BLOG BITS from the OFFICE 5/21/10

Happy Friday Georgetown Parents!

Well here it is 13 days and counting after today!  Woo-Hoo!!  : )


Just a couple of quick things from the office staff…… PLEASE make sure to send notes to school with your student/students if they will be riding bikes, walking, or be picked up from school at the end of the day. It gets really busy in the office and the teachers are busy, so therefor it is alot to keep track of with all the changes throughout the day!

FIELD TRIPS and upcoming activites……..  please make sure to read notes that come home AND check your child’s teacher’s BLOG for important information in regards to their upcoming field trips and special activities.  There are alot of things to remember this time of year and we are seeing alot of students coming unprepared for their special day!  We especially need parents to make sure they have packed lunches for students if this is required for their trip as many times the buses leave for the field trip before parents can get to school with a lunch.

Hey Parents just wanted to give you a rundown of the upcoming field trips, etc that we are aware of.  I know we give you a print out the calendar also, but just thought at a quick glance this may be of help to some of you.

May  24  Just Write Begins and Liverpool visitors are here for the week.

May 28  PK-Estefan  Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

May 28  ECSE  Hager Park

June 1  CI-Kok  Spring Grove Park

June 1  5th Grade Safeties go to the Whitecaps Baseball game

June 2  3rd Grade Field Trip to Pigeon Creek/Tunnel Park

June 3  Final Day for ECSE

June 3/4  Raey Guang Visits

June 4  Reading Counts Party

June 7  5th Grade Celebration

June 7  M/W Pre-K/K Final Day of School

June 8  T/TH Final Day of School

June 8  Field Day at BMS for grades 4/5

June 10  Final Day of School — Dismissal 1:00pm!!

GEORGETOWN CARNIVAL ……. Wow….. KUDOS to Georgetown Students!!!  We received a wonderful phone  call from Fun Services who put on the carnival to commend us on how WELL BEHAVED and POLITE all of our students were.  They said that many of their employees commented on how wonderful our students were.  The manager got so many comments from his staff that he wanted to make sure he passed on the wonderful comments to the head of our carnival committee! They said this was the best school they have ever worked at!  WOW, like we have said before….. GEORGETOWN STUDENTS ROCK!!!!

One last carnival note…..  we are pleased to announce that the Carnival raised over $3000 for the Lamers family!  Way to go!

GIRLS ON THE RUN…..  This Saturday, Georgetown’s Girls on the Run will be taking to the streets of Grand Haven for the GOTR Celebration 5k! Seventeen girls from Georgetown have spent the last 12 weeks working hard training! We can also thank the girls for the plants and flowers planted in our front yard! This was our community service project. Thanks girls! and good luck on Saturday!

5th GRADE NEWS….. Well from my own personal observations last night the 5th graders looked like they were having an awesome time at camp.  There were ALOT of smiles and it looked like they were have a great time during their recreation time.  However, I do believe they will extremely tired when they get home this afternoon!  Don’t forget also to mark June 7 on your calendars for their last big hoo-rah as elementary students!  YIKES!  Can you believe it?!


HEAT SWIM TEAM…. Are you interested in being on the Hudsonville Swim team this summer?  The HEAT (Hudsonville Eagle Aquatics Team) has a place for you!  The Developmental (Beginner and Intermediate) levels start Saturday, May 22.  (8 & U from 12 to 1PM) and (9 and up from 1-2PM.)  Practice this summer will be from 6:30-7:30PM 2-3 days a week.  For more information visit and click on the aquatics link or email coach Zuidema at Swimmers who have been on the team may choose to sign up for the Elite groups.  Elite swimmers watch your emails for more details.

HUDSONVILLE YOUTH FOOTBALL SIGN-UPS…. It is time to start thinking about youth football again. We encourage everyone to sign up online at by July 12, 2010 or at the scheduled sign up date Monday, July 12, 2010 from 6-9pm at the Hudsonville High School Cafeteria.  We will also have the used equipment sale on Monday, July 12 at Hudsonville High School.    You can sign up online and go the used equipment sale.    The cost to play this year is $60 which is the same as last year.   There will be a late fee of $25 if you don’t sign up by July 12.    We will take no more signups after August 21.    For more detailed information go the website



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