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Ice Cream with Isabella

Isabella Icecream

I saved my last silent auction student time for 3:00 Tuesday because I knew it would be extra-special.   I had already had the pleasure of working with Matthew as Principal for the Half Day Lunch with CJ, and Recess Power to Spencer.

Isabella, one of the sweetest first graders in the universe, wanted to have ice cream with me at WHAT’S Isabella ice creamTHE SCOOP, the happening ice cream shop not far from our school.  While eating a blue birthday cake ice cream cone, Isabella told me that this was a time she would always remember.   At that moment, I knew I was with one special girl and we settled in to the red booth for great conversation about our favorite things.  We shared our favorite colors, friends, and flowers to name a few.  We talked about our birthdays and our families.  We talked and giggled so much that were a wee bit late getting back to Georgetown…but still made it on time!

Thank you Isabella for making this time one that I will forever remember.  And, of course many thanks to Isabella’s parents for making this possible with their donation to the silent auction.

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