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Just Write Celebration was Just Perfect

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our writing with us last week!  We had visitors from all places–near and far—and visitors who were special to us in many ways (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, friends, teachers, principals, board members and administrators).

Our stories (students and staff) were published on posters, lockers, in classrooms and in published books via  If you did not get a chance to visit last week, please stop by this week.  The posters will remain up through June 7 when the writers will bring them home!

The slide show below highlights some of the events that took place.  We concluded the week with our traditional JUST WRITE PERFORMANCES.  Each grade level team (PK-5) selected a story worth performing.  This year we also had a new category…the specialists (art, music and pe) who selected a story that lent itself to the specials. These stories were video recorded and can be found on the JUST WRITE tab above.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we loved performing them for the students.

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