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Summer Snapshot = College Tours

To help our new parents and students become familiar with us (the Georgetown staff), we will be sharing a little bit about ourselves and families in the weeks ahead through our blog posts.

Through these posts, we hope you see all of us as teachers who are also family members, parents, spouses, community members and quite simply, individuals who can’t wait to learn about all of you too!

I am choosing to kick off my summer snapshot series with the feature: COLLEGE TOURS.  I know that some of you are enrolling your first child into pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, so the contents of this post may cause you to GULP as you think about preparing your child for college. Apologies for any anxiety I cause in advance!

My daughter, Kelsey, is officially a high school senior.   As a result, one of our summer adventures has been touring colleges in the midwest.   We have spent many hours together in the car driving through the states of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio to visit schools with the hopes of finding the top four for application purposes.

A few highlights of our adventures include a flat tire (which we took care of ourselves), surprise meeting with an albino squirrel, a giant gum ball eating contest (we did this to entertain ourselves on long drives) and new friendships—we met so many great people along the way.

If you are interested in following how I cope with the final year of high school, feel free to follow my 365 Senior Year photo journal.  I plan to use these photos in some special way at my daughter’s open house next June.

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