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Geeky Holiday Gift Ideas

As you prepare for the upcoming gift giving and receiving season, I wanted to pass along some ideas to help you grow your readers and writers…both young (that would be you) and younger!  These ideas come from one of my favorite sites, CHOICE LITERACY, which is an invaluable resource for us at Georgetown.

petethecateA book for all ages with a valuable lesson on adjusting to ‘unpredictableness’ of life is Pete the Cat.  My favorite youtube video shows a precious 4ish girl reading to her younger sister.  There are even adorable Pete the Cat stuffed animals–I have one of these on my Christmas list!

A few more ideas for readers include:  a very cool Book Light and $5 books paired with a stuff animal available through Kohl’s Kids Cause.

If you have a writer in your life, you should consider Autobiography in a Box or the Writers Tool Kit.

Readers who like to construct could build a book clock as a gift for someone they love: Book Clock Project

nookcolorAnd, the ultimate literacy tech gift is an ereader–although they are $$$$ on the gift giving end.  If you have some extra $ and want to bring reading alive in a tech rich way, you may want to consider a NOOK or KINDLE for your favorite reader.  A site to check out if you are comparing the ereaders is edukindle.  An ereader has been on my list for two years…but the budget has a different list of priorities!  If you get one for the holidays, I would love to play with it (under supervision, of course).clock

In preparation for anyone who might accuse me of slighting the math geeks out there, I do have a gift or two for consideration.   Don’t all math geeks need an equation clock?  It’s available through Cafe Press. Another one of my favorite sites, Giftsforageek has one of kind t-shirts like these:

math tshirts

ipadAnd, of course, if you want to be the total geek gift giver, get moving on an ipad which would allow you to read magazines, newspapers and do quadratic equations…all in separate apps! I did read a blog post announcing the availability of ipads at TJ Maxx stores for $399.  My thought:  amazing and interesting Apple or TJ Maxx strategy AND price point if this is true!

Whether you spend $5 or more, enjoy giving a gift that your geek will love!

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