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The Week Ahead: January 17-21, 2011

The week ahead features Play to Learn, our OAISD group for preschool children and their parents.

In addition, our Marco’s Pizza Nights are being offered over two nights–and feature pizza boxes decorated by your children!   If you have a child in grades K-2, order on January 18.  If you have a child in grades 3-5, order on January 19.   For those of you who have children in both grades, it is your choice when to order!

Do you have a pre-kindergartener or kindergartener for the next school year?  If so, you will want to get March 8 on your calendar!  We will be holding our PK/K meeting to inform parents of the options for the 2011-12 school year.  This blog post includes links to the PK/K registration and curriculum program.

Please pass this information along to any neighbors with young children that need to be aware of the meeting!

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