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It was a snow day for students and teachers today, but not for principals and custodians.   I was busy doing things like reports, meeting notes and paper sorting while Mr. Rob was plowing tons and tons of snow.

When I walked by the library, I saw this scene which I have titled, “LET ME SEE!”


I stepped inside the room and followed their gaze to the library window.  I understood why the Eagle’s Nest Child Care children were clamoring for a view.  The library windows had become a WALL OF SNOW!

Mrs. VandenBerg is in for a huge surprise when she walks into the library tomorrow morning.   As you walk by the library, you will be able to see the wall for yourself.   And, if you forget tomorrow, no worries…I have a feeling it will take awhile to melt!

*Many thanks to Drew who agreed to be my “wall of snow” model!

I think he did a fabulous job.

Wall of snow

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