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Blizzard Free Week Ahead!

shovelIt’s the 21st week of school and I am hoping for a few flurries here and there, maybe a glimpse of the sun and no major weather issues!   In Holland, we are still digging out.  Each time the plows drive by, we get our shovels out to clear the drive and the walking areas.   The shovel is my new best friend.

As you can see on the weekly events snapshot, we have an all school PTC assemblymathmaniac on Thursday.  Each school elementary PTC contributes to an assembly fund.   A committee of parents then identifies groups to present at all schools twice per year.  This week we wil be treated to the Math Maniac—a highly energized , educational and entertaining math focused presenter.

heartAlso, many of you have been asking how you support the DeRouin/Grooms family.  I informed all families on Friday via email that their home had caught on fire.  We are working to determine the best type of support for the family and as soon as I know more, I will pass this along.  In the meantime, please keep them in your prayers.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Reagan

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