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Father/Daughter Dance Thank You

enchThe evening was a great success as a result of the many people who came together! Because of all your help, the ENCHANTED EVENING was a fantastic time for fathers and daughters to spend time together.

I would love to acknowledge the following people:

  • Mrs. Reagan for allowing us such flexible usage of the building and setup times.
  • Mr. Rob for everything, especially putting up with the glitter! (I promise NO glitter next time.) And EVERYTHING else that you do that we don’t even know about.
  • The Georgetown PTC for your support.
  • Angie and Doni for fielding all the parent questions and collecting forms in the office for us.
  • PE teachers for loaning us their hula hoops and orange cones.
  • Thank you to our DJ Greg Rios for his awesomeness! And telling 100+ girls what his name is because I made it a question on the scavenger hunt. Ha!
  • Thanks to our photographer McConomy Photography. We can’t wait to see the pictures.
  • Robyn Smit for 300 delicious, fresh-baked cupcakes.
  • To my co-chair Stacey Alexander for contacting dozens of companies and getting donations for raffle prizes. And for enduring the swarm of girls around the raffle table.
  • A special thanks to our boys Spencer Alexander and his friend CJ for enduring their Tux’s, announcing the girl’s names and pitching in with the games!
  • To Mindy Jeltema for solving the “big” bracelet issue (they’re anklets too!) and being my “go-to” girl! You ROCK!
  • Staci Nieboer for being willing to do anything and everything including clapping for almost 2 hours because the kids couldn’t hear the music for our Musical Thrones game. And for saving your Grandma’s jewelry so we had some fun clip-on earrings for the Dad’s to wear for dress-up.
  • Linda Verburg for being our fruit kabob leader and Hula Hoop helper.  Thanks for hanging in there when I forgot to rotate you to a different game! Oh, and let’s not forget expert duct tape ripper!
  • Jodie Harris for being our popcorn master! You DEFINITELY earned your pay.
  • Melissa Pell who was a trooper picking up and delivering 120 balloons! Thanks for your high heel shoes, too. I hope they are still in tact.
  • My errand girls: Mindy Jeltema, Stacey Alexander, Kathy Everts, and Michelle Walker!
  • Brenda Zuverink for being the photo helper and writing down 172 (my best guess) girls names and of course your Treasury duties and availability.
  • Renee Baar for climbing tall ladders and hanging christmas lights.
  • Cindy and Jamie for welcoming all of our pretty girls to the dance and pouring endless drinks.
  • Our Dad’s Mr. Alexander, Mr. Verburg, Mr. Pell and Mr. Troyer who stuck around and helped cleanup.
  • For food donation or setup: Regina Smith, Shannon Foley, Sara Baker, Julie Reifschneider.
  • To all of the dad’s for making the night fun, wearing high heel shoes, makeup and feather boa’s, and showing us your best air guitar.
Donation Recognition:
  • Micandy Gardens
  • Costco
  • Lowes (specifically the regional manager Charlie and his wife Yvonne Clark)
  • White Caps
  • Grand Valley Basketball
  • Thousand Oaks Golf Club
  • Old Orchard Juice
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Design One
  • Olive Garden

Amanda Troyer

Future Mother-Son event planner…wanna help?
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