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Hearts, Candy and Chocolate

Valentine BagWhen I think of Valentine’s day I think of cards, flowers,  chocolate and candy hearts…and of course elementary school parties!   Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day? Or that more than 40,000 American are employed at chocolate companies?  (Source: HISTORY.COM)

Did you know that there are many different theories about the beginnings of the Valentine’s day celebrations in the United States and other parts of the world?  The History Channel website is my go to source for all things historical and they have an excellent post about this holiday origins.

If you attend your child’s Valentine Party today, be sure to check out the creativeValentine Mailboxmailboxes designed by each child to hold those special cards.  Also, while walking through the hallways, I would like to invite you to take time to enjoy the art work that is posted all about the school.  Parent volunteers assist Mrs. Brouwer with this important work of showcasing student artwork throughout the year.  The work your young artists create in art class is absolutely top notch.

Thank you for ALL you do to support the work we do at school in learning (fine arts and academics) and social/emotional growth (playing, socializing and collaborating together).  We would be the school we are without outstanding parents like you.

Below is my Valentine’s card to all of you created with red bell peppers. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Hearts and Peppers for YOU!

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