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A Sneeze Can Break the Speed Limit!

achooDid you know that  we blow out the sneeze at 40 mph?  And, did you know that the discharge can go 20 feet?  I think these are pretty amazing facts while at the same time being a little unsettling too.

The sneeze is our body’s first line of defense when it sense an intruder in the nasal passage area.  We have some very smart nerve cells that sense that dust, germs or pollen has entered the nose.  These cells send a message to the brain and then before you even realize it, you are saying ” AHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHCHOOOOO!”  And your saying this with great speed!

This NPR ACHOO article has some additional facts about sneezing.  And…be sure to make a mental note to sneeze into your elbow and show your kids how to do this too.

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