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Week 30: April 18-22, 2011

We welcomed everyone back from spring break this week!   It is wonderful to have all the children back at school….even if a few of them were longing for the sunshine they left behind (students and staff)!

I was greeting many of the students in the rotunda on Monday morning, when a pair of third grade girls, with their arms impossibly intertwined, approached me with huge smiles on their faces.  “I am so glad you are back because it was so quiet last week without you here!”  I said.  One of them chimed up with, “Mrs. Reagan, we only have 44 days of school left.”  My reply, given with a look of concern,   “Don’t tell me that.  I am sad when this building isn’t filled your happy faces and the sound of learning.”  Both of them paused and the other answered, “Oh don’t worry, Mrs. Reagan.  We’ll be back for fourth grade.”  And, of course, they smiled reassuringly, turned and skipped off down the hall to their classroom.

And I was reminded again why I love my life at Georgetown so much.  I can’t imagine a day without moments of authentic interaction with children each day….small and large.  I am always sad to have the school year wrap up.

As we looked to the few weeks ahead, know that they will go by quickly — with many important events taking place.  A snapshot of this week is below.  I included a preview to the following week, noting the April 26 ART SHOW at Park Elementary.  If your child has a piece in the show, our school open house is on Tuesday, April 26.  Also, in addition to the dates shown below, please remember to check your child’s class blog for additional events that will be taking palce.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend….and ignoring the snow that is falling from the sky!

Here’s to a great week ahead.

Mrs. Reagan

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