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Who is my teacher for next year?

GES Teachers 2010-11

Along with the excitement of the school year ending comes the wonders about which teacher your child will have for the upcoming year.  We have an incredible staff of teachers at Georgetown and know that we are sad to end the past year and already preparing for the 2011-12 year so that we can do our very best to grow your child academically, emotionally and socially.

To help ease the anxiety, we spend many hours surveying parents and teachers about the best placement and get this information out to you at the beginning of the summer rather than the end of the summer.

The two important dates you will want to keep in mind are as follows:

Report Cards mailed home on June 13.

Teacher for 2011-12 will be listed in the comment section of report card.

Class Lists for 2011-12 will be posted to teacher blogs on June 17, 2012.


These will be on the class blogs only.

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