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The New School Year is Approaching!

We are nearing the end of July and this means that the new school year is just around the corner!  Mr. Rob (our incredible custodian) and his amazing team have been working throughout the summer to clean our classrooms, small learning rooms, hallways and much more during the warm months of June and July.

I shared links to the class lists and blogs in early June.  If you are new to Georgetown or missed these links, I have posted it again below.

By clicking the teacher’s name below, you will be taken to the class list for this teacher. Be sure to come back to this site to find the link to the class blog.  For those of you who have been waiting to find out who is our new first grade teacher it is Miss Chrisman.  Her blog and classlist is listed below.

While visiting the teacher’s blog, sign up for email updates.  Also bookmark the blog address so that you can find it easily throughout the summer and next year.

School supply lists are posted on each blog.   The August blog posts will include information about the open house schedule and much more!

Finally, be sure sign up for email updates on this blog–the host site for the classroom blogs and main site for school news.

Keep enjoying your summer…every single moment!

Mrs. Reagan

Links to Classroom Blogs

These are also found on the left sidebar of this blog.

Links to 2011-12 Class Lists

These are also posted on each teacher’s blog.

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