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How many little campers can fit into Pioneer Park?

If you noticed your neighborhood was missing the sounds of children playing, it’s because they were at Pioneer Park with the Burget and VanHaitsma families!   How many young campers can fit into Pioneer Park…at least 52!

In the photos above,  check out the best summer fort I have seen in a long time. It was engineered and built by Jessa, Kassidy and Kenzey.  Way to go, builders! The photo on the right showcases four  very happy campers:  Jessa and Kassidy VanHiatsma along with Kenzey and Kaylah Burget.

If you haven’t sent me a summer photo for your family yet, put it on your to do list.  We have less than four weeks until school begins and I would love to wrap up these summer weeks with posts about summer fun.

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