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School Safety Procedures

The safety and security of your children while they are at school is a top priority for me and the entire staff.  We have a number of procedures in place that help ensure that the classrooms, hallways and playground are safe at all times.
I have had parents ask me to outline the procedures with varies questions including our policies about the parent pick-up waiting area and the sign-in/sign out system.
I would like to make sure that you are familiar with all of these procedures and help you to also understand the purpose behind each procedure. These include:

  • Locked Doors: All doors are locked throughout the school day with the exception of the front door.   Students and staff are instructed to NOT ADMIT visitors who knock on doors.  If you visit the building, you must enter through the front door.
  • Drill Practices:   Lockdown (safe place within each room to protect ourselves from an intruder in the building, Fire Drill, Tornado Drill, Evacuation Drill (move to an alternative location in the event that our building becomes unsafe due to a fire, etc.)
  • Visitor sign-in/name badge: When visitors enter the building, they are required to sign in and apply a bright green name badge.  If staff notice a visitor without a badge, this person is greeted and asked to return to the front of the building to sign-in and retrieve a name badge.
  • Background checks: These forms are required for all parents and family members who volunteer and participate in field trips.
  • Waiting area for student pick-up:  We ask that all parents wait in the front lobby for student pick-up.  This eliminates congestion in the hallways.   If you bring a lunch for your child to school, we ask that you also wait in the front lobby.   The hallways are very congested and busy when the children are coming in from recess and preparing to walk to the lunchroom.
  • Playground Area for Students and Staff Only: This policy is in place to help staff monitor student playground activity during the short time they are on the playground.  All staff are 2-wayed enabling them to notify the office immediately if a child is hurt or a dangerous situation occurs.

We ask that parents and family members stay off the playground during the school day.  If you arrive for an early child pick up, go to the office and check in.  The secretaries will 2-way the staff supervising the playground.  Your child will be located and sent inside for pick up.

If you drop your child off before school, please send them to the playground. Please do not go onto the playground. Staff are required to approach all non-staff members and ask them to leave the playground.  This is a procedure that I have asked all staff to make a priority.

NOTE:  Exceptions to this policy are made for Field Day events and other special activities that are cleared by me, the building principal.  Teachers know to check with me if there is an event that would require parent support on the playground.

Thank you for your support of this policy and all those above.  We want you children to be safe and secure while at school!

Mrs. Reagan

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