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Mr. Gort: Math Video Tutorials

Does your child’s math homework ever stump you?  Do you find yourself wondering how you passed math courses way back when if you can’t figureo out how to help your elementary child complete a math problem?

Can I tell you this?  As a parent, I UNDERSTAND!  Math is not what it used to be.  It is much more complex for elementary learners now than it was when we were in school.

To help support parents and our math learners, Mr. Gort is video taping lessons and posting these on his MATH BLOG.  Currently he has two videos posted:  Tips for long division and tips for finding area and perimeter.  Mr. Gort is a resource teacher at our school and teams with Mrs. Reifschneider, who is also a resource teacher.

If you have requests for certain math concepts that you would like him to video tape, please let him know by completing this survey.   Our goal is to create a video library that you can access at any time to provide support to your child and also prevent you from ripping your hair out!


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