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Staying Connected with Georgetown!

As you know, we are focused on staying connected with parents through all modes of communication:  person/person, phone, email and blogs.  We want you to know that also have a FACEBOOK PAGE for PT CLUB announcements and links to school blog announcements.  In addition, we have added a school TWITTER PAGE to our communication tool box.

Why all these options:  We want to take advantage of all types of communication tools to keep you informed of all great work that is being done at your child’s elementary school.  We also know that some families are choosing smart phone access to the web over internet access.  Facebook, blogs and twitter can be accessed with a smart phone—-and if your internet access goes down or your power goes out (just thinking ahead to winter storms), you can access information about school events via these digital communication sites by way of your smart phone.

To access the GEORGETOWN Facebook, you will need a facebook account.  Search for this page:  Georgetown Elementary PTC

To access the GEORGETOWN Twitter Feed, you will need a Twitter account.  Search @georgetownelem




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