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Week 17: Will it feel like March or January?

Ahhhh….Michigan weather is so unpredictable and confounding.  During our first week of January, we had three days that were sunny and warm enough to be mistaken for early March.

I am not sure what the weather will bring for our second week and I wish you great luck in dressing your children for school each morning!   I remember the days of convincing my children that they needed to wear boots, mittens and hats as the snow was rapidly disappearing from the grassy areas.

My best advice is this:  Even thought the snow is melting, the playground is wet and the grassy areas muddy so wear those boots.  The wind whips through our playground areas, so mittens and a hat are must haves for outdoor wear at Georgetown.

It won’t be long and a good ol’ fashioned winter storm will arrive to remind us how important our winter accessories are in our lives.

A snapshot of the week ahead is below.  Remember, JET’S PIZZA NIGHT is TUESDAY!  I can’t wait to find out which class will win pizza for lunch from Jet’s.  Many thanks to the PTC and Mr. Cecchini for making this possible.


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